Oracle + AppZen
AP Automation for Oracle

AppZen Autonomous AP solutions seamlessly integrate with Oracle, fully automating manual and non-PO invoices with modern finance AI

Turbocharge your Oracle Payables with AI

Your investment in a robust, fully-integrated, financial management and accounts payable process based on Oracle EBS and Oracle Fusion was a great move. You’re receiving the benefits of a flexible Chart of Accounts, multi-org access, global tax capabilities, good workflows, and integrated payments.

But if you’re like most Oracle Payables customers, 30-80% of your invoice volume is still manual, leading to higher cost and longer cycle time. Further, you have to make significant scanning efforts and review each invoice due to low OCR accuracy. And no matter how hard you work to onboard suppliers to your portal, many still prefer to email invoices to your AP inbox or put them in the mail. None of which helps you manage AP.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Autonomous AP solutions from AppZen complements Oracle to provide a world-class accounts payable process for your manual and non-PO invoices. AppZen can provide world-class processing costs and cycle times, and process up to 80% of manual invoices without human review, enabling you to realize 80% efficiency and cost improvement in 3-6 months.


AppZen’s Mastermind AI Delivers the First Autonomous AP for Oracle 

Extract, understand, and process ALL manual invoices

Up to 80% “zero review” autonomous processing of invoices received by email. Improve AP efficiency by up to 80% over the current baseline.

Guaranteed invoice entry accuracy — no review required

100% confidence for invoice data extraction. Pre-built, cross-enterprise AI, pre-trained on 60 million+ invoices and expense receipts.

Detect invoice and T&E duplicates prior to payment

Identify and realize additional savings, in the range of 0.5% - 1% of all third-party spend, before payment.

Increase compliance on non-PO invoices

End-to-end autonomous processing of non-PO invoices, per your policies. Minimize manual intervention on invoice exceptions.

Guaranteed assignment of GL account and cost center

Predicts and assigns GL account segments with 100% guaranteed accuracy, based on understanding the spend and historical coding.

Ease of use for suppliers and AP

Works with the chosen way suppliers prefer to send invoices — by emailing you a PDF. There is no requirement to invest in cXML or portals.

Deliver the fastest invoice processing available

From Emailed Invoice to OK to Pay in under 30 minutes.

Build on your existing Oracle investment

AppZen integrates directly with your existing Oracle infrastructure, enabling you to get more value from your current investment.

How AppZen and Oracle Work Together with AP automation solutions

AppZen provides Oracle-based AP teams with with precision accounts payable capabilities in our Mastermind AI that:

  • Autonomously extracts, reads, understands, and processes all manual invoices, based on your AP policies
  • Guarantees invoice entry accuracy — no reading or review required
  • Minimizes manual intervention on invoice exceptions 
  • Finds duplicates across all your spend, both before payment (like invoices and T&E) and after (like p-cards)
  • Guarantees assignment of account and cost center assignment for non-PO Invoices
  • Identifies compliance risk and fraud before payment
  • Delivers the fastest invoice processing available so you can receive early payment discounts
  • Makes it easy for suppliers to adopt because they can continue to send emails with invoice PDF files; no e-invoicing or supplier portals required


Lower invoice processing costs by up to 80%

30 mins

Reduce invoice processing times from days to minutes


ROI calculator for AI spend auditing

Calculate your ROI on auditing 100 percent of expenses and invoices, prior to payment, with artificial intelligence.

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