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AppZen’s Mastermind platform provides a robust, standards-based integration tool for expenses that we call AppZen Connect. It’s a proprietary middleware technology that allows AppZen to develop robust API connectors that work straight out of the box. Using our multi-point, scalable integration layer, we have developed a bi-directional integration with the Coupa ERP System that seamlessly interacts with standard Coupa APIs. AppZen Connect includes real-time monitoring and alert features for all expense transaction data transfers between AppZen's platform and your Expense Audit environment.

For Expense Audit, the connector supports the transfer of the following data: expense reports, audit status, companies, users, and user hierarchy.

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High-level integration architecture 

This diagram illustrates the high-level integration between Coupa and AppZen’s Expense Audit services.





Expense Audit integration

We provide a bi-directional integration between Coupa and the Expense Audit engine. Two Coupa authentication methods are supported: OAuth2 and API Keys.

For OAuth2, you supply the details for the Server URL, Client ID, Scope, and Client Secret fields.
For API Keys, you supply the API Key and Server URL.

Data transfers, inbound and outbound, are then scheduled in AppZen.

Real-time monitoring of data transfers is easy.


Transactional data integration



Key process flows

On a scheduled basis, AppZen will retrieve submitted reports from Coupa. Submitted reports are on hold in the workflow. Report data and receipt images are ingested into Appzen.

An expense report audit then occurs in AppZen.

AppZen calls the Coupa Approval API and shares the report’s status, whether approved or denied. The expense report workflow then progresses accordingly.


Frequently asked questions

  1. How long does it take to implement AppZen Expense Audit with Coupa?
    The typical implementation time is about 3-4 weeks. This includes time for discovery, education, receiving historical data, configuration, and validation of the integration.

  2. What IT resources are required to integrate AppZen with Coupa?

    For each integration, only the business process owner (expense and payables) and a Coupa specialist are required. No IT staff are required.

Additional information

Please see AppZen’s API Documentation for more information.

AppZen Implementation Service Guide