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AppZen's SAP Certified Autonomous AP integration makes AP processing for SAP NetWeaver simpler than ever. Using core SAP NetWeaver functionality, our proprietary real time framework allows AppZen’s Mastermind platform to receive critical data elements in near real time. AppZen’s Autonomous AP Connectors for SAP also receives near real time updates from Mastermind which is used to aid in the continual automation of AP processes.  

Using our multi-point, scalable integration layer, we have developed a bi-directional integration with SAP ECC that seamlessly interacts with standard SAP APIs. The AppZen SAP Connector includes real-time monitoring and alert features for all invoice data transfers between AppZen's platform and your Autonomous AP environment. 

The AppZen SAP Connector acts as an Add-On between AppZen and SAP ECC. The application enables you to automate the push/pull of invoices and master data between the two systems.


High-level integration architecture

Because we are a certified partner of SAP, our integrations are seamless and easy to maintain. The Autonomous AP Connector for SAP consists of these 2 core components:



Integration Architecture




Autonomous AP Accelerator for SAP

The SAP Accelerator enables the extraction of legacy invoice processing and configures the load into AppZen Autonomous AP for AI training.

The Real Time Inbound Object (RTIO) framework retrieves all processed invoices from AppZen workbench and processes them using our flexible invoice processing framework, where we can directly process using our standard OpenText VIM integration or park/post using defined SAP BAPI’s (Business API). The framework uses HTTPs and REST to communicate with the AppZen REST API. The flexible invoicing framework allows you to process your invoices in any matter you choose.
The Real Time Outbound Object (RTOO) framework pushes all delta data (suppliers, POs, invoices, chart of accounts) to AppZen API’s using HTTPS and REST. The systems are kept in sync using SAP’s Event framework, where our Autonomous AP connector for SAP is notified as soon as a change to any one of the objects below is saved. This real time framework allows SAP and AppZen to stay in sync near real time.

  1. Payment terms
  2. Supplier master (vendor master)
  3. GL accounts and cost centers (COA)
  4. Company codes
  5. Purchase order
  6. Tax code
  7. Receipt Data
  8. Invoices/credit notes
  9. Attachments


Process Flows

Installation: Using SAP Add-on Installation tools, you can easily install the  Autonomous AppZen Connector for SAP in all your environments. Once installation is completed our AppZen implementation team will help you configure the SAP Accelerator and you can begin the extraction of historical data and begin training your models.

Functional build: The AppZen team uses the SAP Accelerator data to setup, test, and train models in each module that is enabled for your custom. Once the models are trained the AppZen team then performs integration testing between your SAP environment and AppZen Autonomous AP to ensure the promised results achieved.



Mapping Integrations Objects



Additional information

Please see AppZen’s API Documentation for more information.

AppZen Implementation Service Guide