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AppZen’s Mastermind platform provides a robust, standards-based integration tool for invoice processing that we call AppZen Connect. It’s a proprietary middleware technology that allows AppZen to develop robust API connectors that work straight out of the box.

The AppZen NetSuite Connector is an Add-On that automates the push and pull of invoices and master data between AppZen and Oracle NetSuite systems. The NetSuite Bundle installation is a seamless and easy-to-maintain, plug-and-play application. It’s designed to work with all versions of NetSuite applications without hampering existing client functionality or custom workflows. 

Using industry-standard, REST-based API calls, the connector ensures secure and real-time inbound and outbound data transfers. It also features an audit log tracking feature to store all inbound and outbound requests, along with data payload received and sent for any invoice request failures in NetSuite. This allows you to stay connected and streamline your invoicing process with the AppZen NetSuite Connector.


Integration architecture

This diagram illustrates the high-level integration between NetSuite and AppZen’s Autonomous AP services.




Master data sync between AppZen and NetSuite


The connector enables the exchange of the following transaction and master data elements:

  1. Payment terms
  2. Entity (Subsidiary)
  3. Supplier Master (Vendor Master)
  4. COA (Entity/Cost Center/Profit Center/Location/Account/Intercompany, etc.)
  5. Purchase Order
  6. Tax Code
  7. GRN
  8. Invoice Attachment API
  9. Invoices/Credit Notes


Process flows

  1. Install the AppZen NetSuite Connector in your NetSuite account.
    • The integration connector needs to be installed in your sandbox/dev environment, initially, to validate the integration flow for any changes needed.
  2. Search and find the bundle for download. Only one install is required per Oracle NetSuite Account.
    • In Oracle NetSuite, hover over “Customization” > “SuiteBundler” and select “Search & Install Bundles.”
    • Select the most recently created AppZen Sync for NetSuite bundle.
    • Select “Install.”
    • Read through the AppZen SuiteBundle terms and select “I Agree” to continue.
    • Select “Install Bundle.” Do not change any of the “Preference” dropdowns.
    • Select “Refresh,” or refresh the browser manually, to update the installation’s progress.
  3. Create an “Access token” and “Customer secret key” in your NetSuite account. Provide the token to the AppZen implementation team.
    • AppZen will pull the data using the REST API by using this unique authorization header’s parameters, which are the Access Token and Customer secret key details.
  4. The AppZen implementation team will also provide unique access tokens and secret keys for each tenant in the sandbox/production environment.
    • These will be configured into the NetSuite application connector. NetSuite will utilize these to pull invoices into the NetSuite application.


Frequently asked questions

  1. Does AppZen become the system of record for any accounts payable data?
    No, NetSuite is always the system of record. AppZen bolts onto NetSuite.

  2. How frequently is master data synchronized from NetSuite into AppZen?
    Master data is synchronized on a scheduled basis, determined at the time of implementation.
  3. How long does it take to implement Autonomous AP with NetSuite?
    The typical implementation time is 4-6 weeks. This includes time for discovery, education, training the AI with historical data, configuration, and validation of the integration.
  4. What IT resources are required to integrate AppZen with NetSuite?

    For each integration, only the business process owner and a NetSuite specialist are required. No IT staff are needed.


Additional information

Please see AppZen’s API Documentation for more information.
AppZen Implementation Service Guide