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Who we're looking for

We’re looking for whip-smart, curious, empathetic, and fun teammates. We’re on a rocket ship here at AppZen, but we’re not really looking for those hard-nosed types. We want to build something that’s really sustainable. A workplace you actually enjoy. Where you work hard, yes, but it’s the best work of your life. It’s a workplace where people check their egos at the door and there’s no drama. And it’s where you can be yourself – your whole self, quirks and all. Because if you’re respected, happy, and thriving, chances are you’ll treat our customers that way. And that’s how we win.

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A lot of companies talk about how great their cultures are. We walk the walk. Here are some examples.

  • customers

    Focus on customers

    Get to know and learn directly from our customers in our TouchPoints and Cross-functional Check-in programs. Be obsessed with us!

  • straight-scoop

    Get the straight scoop

    Hear the straight scoop. We share the good, bad, and ugly, from the latest metrics to customer wins and losses to in-process mock-ups.

  • ego

    Leave your ego at the door

    Steer clear of arrogant bro-culture types. Listen and be listened to. Be yourself, quirks and all. The best ideas win, no matter where they come from.

  • diversity

    Celebrate diversity

    Be part of a team that’s 40% female, including engineering and data science. We come from all over and speak dozens of languages. And we’re better for it.

  • needle

    Move the needle

    Make an impact. We mean it. You will contribute your ideas, code, hustle, and best practices directly to our customers’ (and our) success.

  • give-back

    Have fun and give back

    Join colleagues for happy hours, host a meet-up, or be part our clubs. And give back to the community with AppZen Involved.


AppZen helped us get control of our costs and, more importantly, shape people’s behavior."



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