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We’re looking for whip-smart, curious, empathetic, and fun teammates. We’re on a rocket ship here at AppZen, but we’re not really looking for those hard-nosed types. We want to build something that’s really sustainable. A workplace you actually enjoy. Where you work hard, yes, but it’s the best work of your life. It’s a workplace where people check their egos at the door and there’s no drama. And it’s where you can be yourself – your whole self, quirks and all. Because if you’re respected, happy, and thriving, chances are you’ll treat our customers that way. And that’s how we win.

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A lot of companies talk about how great their cultures are. We walk the walk. Here are some examples.

As a member of the AppZen data science team, I’ve had a direct influence on our development process. The environment at AppZen is collaborative, and we’re supportive of one another through daily challenges.”



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