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Custom Apps
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Create and apply custom models to audit your special spend policies and rules

Premium Apps
Double-Dip Detection

Prevents fraudulent meal expense double-dipping

Premium Apps
Receipt Affidavit Tracker

Prevents abuse of affidavit overuse for missing receipts

Premium Apps
Conflicting Expenses Tracker

Spots conflicting expenses in reports, preventing fraud risk

Premium Apps
Hotel Itemization Auto-reject

Auto reject hotel expenses that do not include itemized receipts

Premium Apps
Monitor Cash Expenses

Monitor employees' cash spend

Premium Apps
Fapiao Authenticity Check

Verify whether receipts are registered with the Chinese Tax Bureau using an API service

Standard Apps
Missing Tax Detection

Identify receipts that do not include tax

Standard Apps
Personal Expense Detection

Track personal expenses on corporate cards

Standard Apps
Blocklisted Merchant Detection

Flag expense report lines with blocklisted merchants

Standard Apps
Conflicting Expenses Check

Detect conflicting expenses on the same expense report

Standard Apps
Monitored Employees Audit

Proactively monitor named employees who represent high risk

Standard Apps
Advance Booking Check

Avoid expensive, last-minute travel booking charges

Standard Apps
Gift Form Check

Confirm the presence of gift approval documents for gift policy compliance

Standard Apps
Tax Detection

Detect expense receipts containing taxes

Standard Apps
Hotel Billing Check

Ensure hotels bill to the correct corporate entity for recovery of VAT and fraud reduction

Standard Apps
Rental Car Accessories

Identify car rental charges for unauthorized accessories

Standard Apps
Alcohol Check for Grants

Keep your alcohol program compliant and reduce risk with AppZen's Alcohol Check. Discover how this powerful solution uses AI technology to prevent non-compliant spending and streamline your finance processes.

Standard Apps
Allowable Alcohol Check

Streamline your compliance processes with AppZen's Allowable Alcohol Check app. Our AI-powered solution makes it easy to identify and prevent non-compliant spending, so you can keep your expenses under control.

Standard Apps
Attendee Type Check

Check if your attendee type is eligible for AppZen's AI-powered modern finance products. AppZen's Attendee Type Check helps you find out if you qualify for their offerings.

Standard Apps
Expense Sub-Type Check

Verify amounts by sub-expense types

Standard Apps
Missing Document Detection

Confirm the presence of missing documents, such as sign-in sheets

Standard Apps
Fapiao Validation

Confirm the presence of key fapiao fields and adherence to the standard fapiao format

Standard Apps
Keyword Audit

Check for high-risk keywords in expenses or receipt attachments

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