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Shaping the Future of Finance with Generative AI


Find out how AI-powered spend auditing can help your finance team

Find spend leakage in real time. Stop paying duplicates. Suss out fraud. Comply with regulations.

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    Discover, don't recover

    Say goodbye to spend leakage. Review 100 percent of your spend with AI and find errors, waste, fraud, and non-compliance before your payments go out the door.

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    Prevent duplicate spend

    Catch the duplicates in your invoices and expense reports that your ERP systems may miss. AI can flag duplicates between expense and AP automation systems, across supplier divisions, and more.

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    Prevent invoice and expense fraud

    From unauthorized airline upgrades, to extravagant dinners, to suspicious changes in pricing, AI audits 100% of spend to detect expense and invoice fraud before you pay.

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    FCPA and anti-bribery

    The average FCPA violation in 2019 was $88M, according to Stanford Law School. Find out how AI-powered spend auditing weeds out the regulatory violations that may be in your spend.

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ROI calculator for AI spend auditing

Calculate your ROI on auditing 100 percent of expenses and invoices, prior to payment, with artificial intelligence.

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