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About AppZen

Finance AI to fuel your team's rockets in the drive toward financial transformation






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Our mission is to help modern finance teams lead the way with artificial intelligence. From bankrolling blockbuster ideas to steering the company away from trouble, your team is the engine that powers your organization to greatness. Our finance AI fuels that engine - helping you lead the way, see farther ahead, and make wise decisions.

Our guiding principles

We are building the AI platform for modern finance teams. Here are the principles that guide the way we work.

Obsess about customers

We put our customers first no matter what. We do everything we can to walk in your shoes, and are relentless about providing you value.

Earn trust

We’re consistent, credible, trustworthy, and transparent. We make trustworthy commitments and deliver on them. We aren’t afraid to give it to you straight, even when it’s bad news.

Innovate and be fearless

We work to be the best in AI and beyond. We solve problems creatively and believe that all improvements are valuable, even incremental ones. We’re always learning, and we never accept the status quo.

Act with urgency

We love what we do and pursue it with energy. We move quickly, learn, and iterate.

Be caring and compassionate

We have respect, appreciation, and empathy for each other, our customers, and our community. We fill buckets. We don’t tolerate jerks.

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