Autonomous AP: Your AI-Powered AP Inbox

AppZen delivers autonomous processing for all invoices sent to your AP inbox, at better-than-world-class cycle time and cost-per-invoice.


Digitize and autonomously process all invoices in your AP inbox. Improve AP efficiency by 80%. Process invoices in 1 day.

Boost efficiency by up
to 80%

Guarantee invoice entry accuracy, enforce spend and PO policies, automate GL accounting and PO matching, and audit AP invoices across all of your spend.

Maximize autonomy with fast-learning AI

Powerful AI software learns quickly and automatically adjusts its predictions, based on just 2-3 data samples of user feedback.

Deliver “OK to Pay” in less than a day

Autonomous AP invoice processing means invoices can be processed within hours with zero manual touch. Automate your SOPs and checks and choose when to pay, thereby protecting supplier relationships and allowing for early-pay discounts.

Complement procurement portals

Autonomously process invoices sent directly to your AP email inbox. Audit for duplicates across all of your invoices, P-Cards, and expenses. Automate PO matching and accounting, and enter invoices into a procurement or ERP system.

Accurately code invoices

Keying in and properly coding manual invoices is exhausting. AI purpose-built for finance reads and understands invoices like an accountant. Accurately assign cost centers and account codes specific to your accounting policy and chart of accounts.

Ensure spend policy compliance

Detect policy non-compliance across all your spend, in all of your systems. Flags invoices and spend that skirt your policies and should have POs. Automates action on them, cutting violations in half and opening up opportunities for spend consolidation.

Drive down duplicate spend by up to 5%

With indirect spend spread across P-Cards, invoices, and employee expenses, duplicate spend can feel like a cost of doing business. Now you can eliminate duplicates in minutes, before the money is spent.

Gain a single view of all spend

If you have multiple ERPs, T&E, P-Cards, portals, or P2P systems, you can seamlessly integrate both cloud and on-premise environments. Gain AI-powered automation, compliance, and audit of invoices, credit cards, P-Cards, and T&E, across all of your spend.

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