Expand the scope of finance transformation

Our Expense and AP Audit products transform spend for 1,800+ customers. The new AppZen Platform takes your transformation to the next level.

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The AI platform for modern finance teams

Our platform overhauls the way finance teams work, automating spend approvals and providing insights that help you reduce spend, comply with policy, and streamline process.


Extend and tailor Expense Audit and AP Audit

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Expense Audit

Audit 100% of your expense reports, instantly

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AP Audit

Audit 100% of your invoices, before payment

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Transform your spend process

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Star Match TM

Star Match TM

Don’t just validate prices and units. Connect the dots with Star Match. Verify SLAs, volumes, discounts, delivery times, contractor activity, and much more to flag risk across all of your business systems. Learn more.

Tie into all of your back-office systems

Tie into all of your back-office systems

We seamlessly integrate with all major back-office systems without disrupting your existing processes.

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AppZen helped us get control of our costs and, more importantly, shape people’s behavior."

Melanie Gallagher

Global Compliance Manager, Intuit


Time is money.
AppZen saves you both.

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