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AppZen integration to

SAP Concur


AppZen’s Mastermind Platform provides an integrator for a robust, standards-based integration, including pre-defined connectors, APIs, and file-based integration. AppZen integrates with SAP Concur software via the SAP Concur API. AppZen sits in the workflow and ingests expense details and receipt images. It extracts and understands dates, amounts, and other key items from receipt images. AppZen then performs a comprehensive, AI-powered audit on the transaction to find duplicates, errors, unexpectedly-high expenses, fraudulent entries, out-of-policy spend, and unauthorized merchants.

AppZen assesses risk based on the presence of any of these issues and provides a score to SAP Concur, so the system can automatically approve some or all of the low-risk transactions and route high-risk ones to an auditor.

This solution makes it possible to have a 2-way transaction integration from AppZen to SAP Concur. Security is considered in all aspects of the design of the integration. Out-of-the-box deployment means minimal IT work and rapid connectivity with AppZen.

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Please see AppZen’s API Documentation for more information.

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