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Card Audit

Super charge your card program. Prevent leaks, misuse, and fraud with an AI audit of 100% of your card spend across corporate cards, P-cards, and ghost cards.

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Save money on your existing card program with the #1 AI software for auditing card transactions from any bank and any issuer, as quickly as it’s reported.

Maximize card adoption, minimize compliance headaches

AppZen’s AI investigates every dollar spent on your existing corporate cards to achieve compliance without the need to implement a new card program. Corporate cards issued only for specific merchants offer no flexibility and can leave your employees in a bind. Avoid the frustration over declined transactions that lead to low adoption and failed card programs.

Employee Credit Cards

Review 100% of your card data from anywhere

Seamlessly connect to all banks and card networks to audit card transactions without disruption, as they are reported to your bank. Whether employees are processing card purchases through your T&E management system or not, Card Audit can still review 100% of your card data.


No receipt, no information, no problem

Card Audit’s AI puts highly detailed information at your fingertips. It combines knowledge from billions of card transaction audits, social and web resources, as well as Level 2 and 3 card data, to find unauthorized, suspicious, or duplicate spend. It analyzes transactions across cash-based expense claims, cards, and invoices to ensure your organization remains compliant.

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Robust case tracking and investigations

Analyze card spend with the power of AI to find out-of-policy purchases, repeat offenders, and potential fraud. AI holistically views spend behaviors across card transactions, T&E, and invoices. It then identifies cases that may need a deeper review by the finance team and manages the tracking of compliance and investigations.

Insights dashboard

Powerful analytics and benchmarking

A centralized dashboard and analytics and helps you investigate suspicious spending patterns, anomalies, duplicate charges, and out-of-policy expenses. Dive deeper into transactions, all the way to Level 3 data, to help with your analysis. Compare spend benchmarks against your past activity to improve the effectiveness of your policy and processes.

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