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With AppZen Connect, managing expenses has never been easier. Our Mastermind platform utilizes innovative middleware technology that provides an easy-to-use and seamless API connector that integrates with Rydoo Integration Cloud. 

This multi-point, scalable integration layer allows for bi-directional transfers with standard Rydoo APIs. Plus, our real-time monitoring and alert features provide peace of mind for all expense transactions, ensuring a smooth and secure process from start to finish. AppZen Connect includes real-time monitoring and alert features for all expense transaction data transfers between AppZen's platform and your Expense Audit environment.

In order to audit Expense reports, AppZen uses the following information:

  1. User entered expense information
  2. Attendee information
  3. Receipt image

EA Process Workflow



Integration Approach 

AppZen will integrate with Rydoo Expense Management systems (EMS) using Rydoo’s APIs to achieve end-to-end integration. AppZen will utilize the fields in the EMS APIs and ingest expense reports into AppZen.

AppZen will evaluate the API’s and the information to be mapped into AppZen API’s.

The EMS can push expense reports to AppZen or have AppZen pull information about the expense reports. AppZen will then push auditor actions back to Rydoo for employees to make edits and justifications.




Additional information

Please see AppZen’s API Documentation for more information.

AppZen Implementation Service Guide