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Instantly process 100% of expenses, prepayment

Extract and contextually understand every line on an expense receipt and auto-approve spend prior to payment

AppZen Expense Audit Workbench
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Why finance leaders choose Expense Audit

Rein in foreign expenses border

Translate foreign language receipts into English within the receipt image. Audit and identify unauthorized purchases in 40+ languages. Validate the compliance of Chinese fapiao receipts.


Enforce nuanced expense policies border

Powerful AI software understands natural language terms and brand names (it knows “shrimp cocktail” is allowed but “IPA” is not). It recognizes all the latest policies and quickly detects out-of-policy purchases and mislabelled expense lines.


Quickly catch all T&E, AP, and P-Card duplicates border

Eliminate duplicate expenses by matching images with extracted, unstructured, and electronic data. Find duplicates resulting from similar receipts and invoices, manual keying errors, multiple submissions, different receipt formats, and P-Card files.

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Stay compliant with regulations border

Stay up-to-date on current regulations with features that autonomously detect missing information, such as the sign-in sheets required for Sunshine Act compliance.

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Identify suspicious attendees border

Autonomous searching of online databases can verify whether an event or meal attendee is a foreign official, politically exposed person, or healthcare professional.


Empower managers and teams with intelligence border

Team intelligence enables front-line managers and finance staff to monitor and optimize their teams' spend and risk, identify high-risk employees, and take immediate action.


Easily solve complex T&E issues with the AppStore border

Expand your capabilities with prebuilt apps from the AppZen Finance AppStore. Without any additional IT resources, quickly deploy apps to easily enforce expense policies for online gifts, sales tax, or Fapiao and credit card compliance.


Go beyond MCC codes to track suspicious merchants border

Unmask suspicious charges with AI that autonomously combines receipt data, online sources, suspicious merchant lists, and MCC codes. Flag dual-use merchants, such as adult entertainment posing as legitimate businesses.

T@E 003

Find hidden meal charges border

Flag excessive meal charges based on average restaurant check sizes, using current social data for specific restaurants (vs. city-level data). Enforce alcohol limits per meal and eliminate excessive tipping.


Control company travel spend border

Identify airline, hotel, and rental car upgrades at check-in with AI that reads every word on expense receipts, level 3 card data, and itineraries. Verify hotel identities, and flags weekend expenses or expenses misclassified as lodging.

control-company-travel-spend (1)

Build custom AI models for advanced expense policies border

Build custom AI models and workflows to automate your unique policies and processes. Reduce the amount of work required for splitting multiple receipts on a page, manual reviews, controls, and approvals.


Visualize the data and take action. Improve policies, performance, and behavior.

Benchmark and elevate your T&E program border

Access benchmarking metrics from your industry peers, including receipt resubmission, high-risk lines of spend, touchless reports, personal expense ratio, auditor productivity, and more.

Benchmark - % High-risk Lines (1)

Gain custom insights into unique business questions border

Create actionable, custom dashboards with standard and custom AI models. Track late expense submissions, vendors with the most high-risk spend, and individuals who repeatedly submit expenses just below the approved threshold.


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We've seen team members be more cautious when submitting expenses and paying more attention to the details.

— Michael R

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