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Shaping the Future of Finance with Generative AI


Why AppZen?

The kind of platform your finance team would have invented—if only they hadn’t been so busy.


Hard Dollar ROI


Reduction in reimbursement time


Of Business Spend Audited

If your finance team could wave a magic wand, here’s what it would look like.


Reduce spend

Find errors, waste, and fraud before you pay


Comply with policy

Comply with corporate policy and regulations


Streamline processes

Auto-approve low-risk spend, simplify workflows, and pay on time


It’s not just a good idea. It’s a fiduciary imperative.

There are a lot of creative uses for artificial intelligence. AI in spend auditing isn't exactly elegant, but it’s important. As a finance leader, you are on the hook for doing right by your shareholders, making smart resource decisions, and holding your company accountable to its financial goals.

Auditing all spend may not be glamorous, but it can make or break your bottom line and give you critical insights into your risk. Auditing 100 percent of expenses and invoices prepayment means you are actively reducing spend. It means you’re doing all you can to eliminate fraud. And it means you’re squeezing inefficiencies out of your operation. Every day.

AI-powered spend auditing helps global enterprises across every industry reduce spend, comply with policy, and streamline processes. Modern finance leaders have a responsibility to use this innovation to improve their companies’ financial outcomes. It’s not just a good idea. It’s a fiduciary imperative.

I'm building a world class compliance department and I need the best AI in place. AppZen is my go-to.



The time for AI-powered spend auditing is now

Your finance team is facing some big challenges when it comes to business spend. In short, you have to do more with less, and you have as much risk as ever in your company. Let’s break it down.

There’s spend leakage - the errors, waste, and fraud hiding out in employee expense reports and invoices. Every company has it, but few know the magnitude because it’s hard to find it all consistently and at scale. Compliance violations are also lurking in your spend. Will the next one be a minor corporate policy blunder or a huge regulatory violation that drags your company’s name through the mud for the next year? Finally, your business is growing and so is your spend, but your spend audit and approvals processes are not keeping up. You don’t have the people, time, and technology to do it right and keep pace.


This saved us 3,000 hours in one month alone.”



Finance teams pave the way for innovation

When it comes to innovation projects, your finance team is so focused on helping the rest of the business invest to grow and thrive, sometimes it overlooks its own needs. AI is no different. There is no shortage of AI initiatives in any successful enterprise, addressing everything from manufacturing automation to retail merchandising to oil and gas exploration. You may even have several in your own company in various states of maturity, with some yielding a return, others showing promise, and maybe a few headed for the scrap pile. In a nutshell, they’re expensive, take a long time, and produce a lot of uncertainty.

But what if your finance team leads the way? AI-powered spend auditing is the perfect place to start. We built AppZen from day one with finance in mind, so you can hit the ground running and show value immediately.


Our vision for the future

Our vision at AppZen is to deliver the AI platform for modern finance teams. Today, we are the leader in spend auditing, automating invoice approvals and optimizing expense reimbursement for enterprises around the globe. We will continue to expand our technical and market leadership to assist smart decision-making across a large swath of finance, including spend, revenue, cash, treasury, and beyond. We aim to use our domain expertise and the semantic understanding of our AI to solve the biggest pain points finance teams face. By focusing on obstacles that involve process automation; large volumes of data from disparate sources; and rapid, pre-transaction decision making; we will bring our core strengths to solve valuable problems for our customers.