Automate the capture and validation of VAT data from PDFs and e-invoices

Autonomous AP’s extensively trained finance AI accurately extracts VAT codes, tax rates, and tax registration numbers from invoice headers and lines, and validates e-invoice data in QR codes. It automates data entry into your ERP or P2P system, reducing manual work and human error.

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Error-free invoice processing

Increase efficiency and speed with automated, accurate entry of VAT information from supplier invoices

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VAT validation policy compliance

Reduce complexity and increase compliance with VAT and tax rules specific to various countries and businesses

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Global support for all VAT countries

Process VAT information on supplier invoices from all VAT countries in multiple languages

Touchless VAT entry and processing of supplier invoices

Use a single, global solution with support for 20+ languages and VAT handling across 40+ countries. AppZen’s AI carefully reads and understands invoice documents as well or better than an AP professional to ensure your organization is always compliant.

  • Extract VAT codes, rates, and tax registration numbers found in invoices without templates
  • Predict accurate VAT tax code, accounting, and PO information
  • Enter invoice data into your ERP or P2P system for processing
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of VAT and tax processes with AI that continuously learns from downstream data–without templates or rules
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In terms of other advantages AppZen has delivered, one major one is in reliable data capture of certain elements that we weren’t capturing before. Now AppZen does that for us.”



Ensure compliance with country-specific VAT and tax rules

With AppZen’s proprietary Mastermind AI platform, you can easily apply country-specific VAT validation and compliance models to invoices. This ensures the correct VAT information is processed, whether through autonomous AI processing or user entry.


Fast, accurate tax code entry into ERP & P2P systems

AppZen provides multiple integration connectors different ERP and P2P systems, as well as CSV and API-based systems. Our AI engine extracts VAT and tax information from invoices, maps the data to corresponding tax codes in the ERP/P2P, and generates tax codes and accounting entries with 100% accurate downstream tax processing.


VAT and e-invoice QR codes

As the global shift towards e-invoices continues, it's crucial for AP automation systems to precisely read and validate the QR code-encrypted information issued by tax authorities. Autonomous AP makes VAT and e-invoice processing touchless. Upon receiving supplier invoices, it immediately deciphers invoice and VAT data from e-invoice QR codes, and verifies the information with the tax authorities for accurate VAT compliance.

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