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Rental Car Accessories

Enforce company car rental policies for accessory upgrades

Most corporations have systems in place to flag common car rental upgrades, such as moving from compact to midsize class. But specialty upgrades for accessories, such as iPhone chargers, navigation systems, or Sirius XM radio, are often overlooked. These accessory upgrades can prove costly and are often not compliant with corporate policies.

This App allows companies to flag charges for unauthorized rental car accessories. The flag can also be customized to identify bundled rental company upgrades, such as Budget's Roadside Safety Net (RSN) or Avis's Select n Go Upgrade (SGU) option.

Enforce company rental car policies for specialty upgrades

  • Identify car rental charges that do not comply with company policies
  • Customize unauthorized expenses by car rental company
  • Assign rental charge expenses as medium or high risk, based on company policies
Rental Car Accessories