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Hotel Billing Check

Enforce corporate billing policies to reduce fraud and reclaim taxes

In an effort to reduce fraud, many corporations require hotels to bill the company directly, rather than the employee. This is also a requirement for corporations to reclaim VAT taxes. This App ensures that hotels correctly bill your organization when required by company policy, and confirms that receipts have the necessary hotel information for VAT reclamation. It flags the expense when the organization name is missing or incorrect.

Reduce hotel charge fraud and out-of-policy spend

  • Identify whether hotel charges are expensed to valid billing entities on any receipts
  • Configure valid billing entities' information, including address, company name, and more
  • Reduce fraud and out-of-policy spend through direct billing between the hotel and your organization

Maximize your VAT refund

  • Ensure that the hotel information includes the business name and not the employee name so that your VAT claim can be accepted
Hotel Billing Check