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Attendee Type Check

Track meal and entertainment expenses for government and regulated personnel to ensure FCPA and Sunshine Act compliance

To stay in regulatory compliance, avoid costly fees, and pass required audits, many corporations need to carefully track the meal and entertainment expenses of government and other regulated business personnel, to ensure threshold limits are not exceeded. The Attendee Type Check App allows companies to define meal and entertainment expense limits for specific business guests, and flag 100% of meal and entertainment spend that exceeds defined thresholds for each guest type. This helps companies stay compliant with regulations such as the Sunshine Act or FCPA.

Eliminate excessive and fraudulent meal charges

  • Set meal and entertainment expense limits for each type of attendee
  • Flag meal and entertainment expenses that exceed threshold limits for each type of attendee

Stay compliant with the FCPA or Sunshine Act

  • Audit 100% of meal and entertainment expenses based on types of attendees
Attendee Type Check