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Allowable Alcohol Check

Enforce corporate alcohol policy

Many organizations have strict spend policies that limit the amount employees can spend on alcohol. For example, a corporation may restrict the Sales Team to a certain dollar amount for alcohol at each meal. AppZen's powerful AI can distinguish between alcohol brands, such as "Grey Goose," and food items, such as "goose paté," on a receipt. This App can then detect whether any receipt lines contain alcohol, identify how much of a meal was spent on alcohol, and flag the receipt as high risk when the percentage is higher than the policy allows.

Accurately enforce company alcohol spend policy

  • Configure threshold limits for the percentage of alcohol purchased, based on the total meal value
  • Audit the percentage of alcohol by dollar amount spent per meal expense type
  • Flag an expense as high risk if the value of the alcohol exceeds the threshold limit, relative to the total meal value
 Allowable Alcohol Check