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AppZen Launches Mastermind Analytics to Deliver AI-Powered On-Demand Finance Benchmarking

San Jose, CA – September 16, 2020 – AppZen, the world’s leading AI solution for modern finance teams, is launching Mastermind Analytics, a first of its kind analytics AI software that identifies spend risks and provides on-demand benchmarks. This gives finance teams visibility of behavior patterns and a valuable assessment of success or areas of improvement.

AppZen is experiencing increased demand as CFOs lead digital transformation initiatives within their finance teams and throughout companies. AppZen’s AI streamlines the process for finance teams while reducing costs for businesses looking to prioritize automation.

Mastermind Analytics gives finance teams on-demand insights into spend, risk, and operational performance so they can focus on what matters most. It helps eliminate wasteful spend and provides metrics on how to make processes and the teams more efficient.

AppZen’s Mastermind Analytics offers exclusive benefits and features such as:

  • Visibility of behavior patterns beyond the audit.
  •  AI-driven insights built on top of the most accurate and 100% audited spend data including information extracted from documents.
  •  A 360º, real-time view of a company’s finances.
  • More than 30 on-demand charts covering current cross-system spend, risk, and operational performance.
  • Benchmarking against peer organizations.
  • The ability to create dashboards for specific use cases, metrics, and teams.

“We are excited to offer this unique analytics capability as part of the AppZen AI software suite of products,” said Anant Kale, chief executive officer and founder of AppZen. “Finance teams will now have access to previously unavailable out-of-policy spend information that enables immediate visibility into patterns and activity that could indicate, and prevent, more complex risks of fraud and waste.” 

Mastermind Analytics requires zero integration or configuration and enables easy self-service changes to existing dashboards.  Business users can build extensive customer dashboards and charts with no IT or engineering support and no manual effort needed to aggregate data.   

AppZen created Mastermind Analytics to provide finance teams with confidence in how their performance compares to industry peers by making it clear what needs prioritizing and improving while empowering them through actionable insights to address problem areas in the spend process. The immediate insights with on-demand charts, dashboards, and metrics provide a hassle-free and empowering approach to this process.

Mastermind Analytics is now available to AppZen AI Finance Platform users today. 


About AppZen

AppZen is the leader in AI software for finance teams. Over 1,800 global enterprises use AppZen to automate manual finance processes, reduce expenditures, and gain real-time insights into their business spend trends. Our patented software technology delivers AI deep learning, semantic analysis, and Star Match™, the only automated spend validation that processes intelligence from thousands of data sources, documents, and images to understand financial transactions and make decisions based on finance policies. AppZen is the platform of choice for today’s digital CFO and their teams, including four of the top five banks, four of the top ten media companies, four of the top ten pharmaceutical manufacturers, two of the top five aerospace companies, and six of the top ten software providers.

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Katy Garlinghouse
Senior Director of Corporate Communications