Workday Expenses auditing and AppZen

AppZen for Workday Expenses auditing

You have implemented a world-class human resources and finance system based on Workday and its Expenses module. With its straightforward workflows and simple approvals, the solution enables your users to enter and submit their expenses effortlessly and your organization to drive more effective expense policies. Deploying Workday Expenses is a big step toward optimizing your expense management, but spend leakage, non-compliance, and inefficient process can plague even the best T&E reporting and reimbursement operation. The solution is to couple AppZen with Workday Expenses to audit all employee spend with AI before you pay employees back.

T&E challenges

Even optimized T&E processes experience spend leakage, non-compliance, and inefficiencies. Spend leakage includes errors, waste, and fraud such as duplicate purchases, fat-finger manual errors, wasteful spending, and even employee fraud. Making sure expenses comply with corporate policy is also a challenge, and even innocent spending can run afoul of regulations like the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or the Sunshine Act. Organizations that audit 100 percent of their employees’ expenses must either implement too much process or spend too much money to do so, not to mention take too long to reimburse people. So many enterprises end up the worst of both worlds: Only reviewing a sample of expenses and in a resource-intensive way.

How AppZen and Workday work together

Workday enables seamless expense reporting and reimbursement and eliminates the need to reconcile expense and employee data with a single finance and HR system. With AppZen as a critical audit layer to Workday, you will be able to get the most out of your expense reporting and reimbursement investment.

The AppZen Platform provides AI-powered expense auditing across Workday Expenses and other spend systems such as Workday Invoices and even non-Workday payables systems. We use AI to review all of your expense transactions across dozens of risk areas and flag issues like manual entry errors, duplicate spend within Workday itself or across Workday and other systems (such as invoice automation), incorrectly-classified spend, potential fraud, over-the-limit purchases, and even regulatory snafus.

AppZen integrates with Workday Expenses via the Workday API. We sit in the workflow, pull in expense details and receipt images, and extract and understand information from the system and receipt images. From there, we execute a thorough, AI-based audit on every transaction to find duplicate spend, manual errors, overspend, fraud, and non-compliant expenses, as well as regulatory violations such as indicators of FCPA or Sunshine Act violations. We assess the risk of every expense transaction and provide Workday the score so it can approve low-risk expenses automatically while routing high-risk transactions to an auditor for further review.


Use cases - Accounts payable audit results

See duplicates.

Don’t reimburse for the same expense twice. See duplicates within the same report, across reports, across two or more employees, or across invoice systems.

Stop overspend.

Find over-the-limit spend such as on meals, hotels, or simply per diems.

Shape employee spending behavior

Nobody’s reading the paper-based spend policy? Surprise, surprise. Instead, show people the way with AI-based auditing and automatic approvals.

Halt errors.

Catch errors like fat-finger manual entries, miscalculated totals, or incorrect receipts.

Find non-compliant merchants.

Find non-compliant merchants by validating their MCC codes and checking reputation sites like Yelp or Dianping.

Avoid regulatory violations.

Avoid regulatory violations such as payments (or even gifts or meals) to foreign officials, government-owned entities, politically-exposed persons, and healthcare providers.

Detect out-of-policy purchases.

Detect out-of-policy purchases like flight or car upgrades, spend at the casino, or purchases of guns and bullets. Enforce limits. Make sure employees stay within your daily corporate spending limits for meals, hotels, cars, etc.

Automatically approve low-risk transactions.

Make sure employees stay within your daily corporate spending limits for meals, hotels, cars, etc.

Auto-approve low-risk spend.

Save valuable auditor time by auto-approving low-risk transactions.

Route high-risk transactions for manual review.

Route high-risk transactions for manual review and assist the review process with risk details and drill-downs.

Reimburse employees fast.

Cut your reimbursement from weeks to days (or even hours!) by auto-approving low-risk spend, optimizing manual approvals, and cutting extraneous steps.

Cut out rubber-stamp approvals.

Bypass manager approvals and route only issues to them, saving time and ensuring consistent, accurate audits.

Critical AI capabilities

Audit 100 percent of spend prior to payment

Review or audit all expenses before you pay. Because AI auditing is automated and happens in real time, you can review 100 percent of expenses prior to payment, and still reimburse employees quickly.

Understand documents

Extract and understand key information like dates, amounts, and spend classification from unstructured receipts. These data points can serve as powerful clues in identifying errors and fraud.

Enrich with intelligence

Enrich expense information with intelligence from business systems and external sources. AI gives you the visibility you need to find issues like unauthorized merchants and wasteful spend that you otherwise wouldn’t see.

Assess and refine risk

Use AI to assess expense risk accurately and consistently. Refine that risk as new data become available and auditors provide feedback. This allows you to auto-approve low-risk spend and provide the right details and evidence to reviewers of high-risk transactions.

Streamline auditing processes

Automate workflows, remove extraneous steps like rubber-stamp manager reviews, and reimburse people quickly. Streamlining process will enable you to review all spend in real time, at scale.

ROI calculator for AI spend auditing

Calculate your ROI on auditing 100 percent of expenses and invoices, prior to payment, with artificial intelligence.

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