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Real-time audit of expense reports and receipts. Reach 100% audit compliance, detect more high-risk policy violations, and speed up the employee reimbursement process.
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AppZen translates expense data in over 40 different languages

Audit 100% Of Your Expense Reports

Analyze the full context of every line item on every receipt with AI to identify high-risk, out-of-policy behavior. We put the power of a thousand auditors at your side, 24/7.

  • Our AI reads 40+ languages and 100+ currencies
  • Proactive notifications let your auditing team know when there's something to review 
  • Interactive auditing queues ensure the right auditors are assigned flagged reports 
Automatically detects compliance expense audit

Better Results Than Manual Reviews

Our AI cross checks your internal policies and online resources to determine the validity of every expense. This means you get information about the true business of a merchant, pricing verifications, and instant policy verifications.

  • Full FCPA compliance check for every individual tagged on a business expense or gift.
  • Online merchant checks across online resources like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and LinkedIn
  • Custom risk thresholds puts you in control around teaching our AI what you want to find
See "high risk" alerts in real time

Increase Speed to Payment

Remove bottlenecks in your payment processes by eliminating manager approvals for reports with no policy violations. Stay focused on violations with the highest risk while also getting your employees paid back faster.

  • Comprehensive reporting helps your team understand what types of T&E policy violations happen most frequently and who your top violators are.
  • Distinguish between employees who make periodic mistakes from those who commit fraudulent behavior through employee behavior scoring.

Leverage AI to audit your expense reports and identify:

  • Duplicate expense claims
  • Out-of-policy spend
  • Travel & booking violations
  • Weekend & holiday purchases
  • Excessive meal & alcohol spend
  • Anti-bribery & corruption practices
  • Unnecessary upgrades
  • Fraudulent behavior
  • Suspicious merchants
See "high risk" alerts in real time
AppZen’s ability to alert us to high-risk expense items is very impressive. I expect to have most of our auditing handled through their automation, allowing us to use our internal resources more efficiently.
Denise Adleman, Director & Global Process Owner of T&E at Hitachi Data Systems
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Who We Integrate With

AppZen seamlessly integrates with all major back office systems. Our AI audit engine is up and running quickly and doesn’t require changes to your existing processes.
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