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World-class customer support to transform your expense operations

by Deniece Moxy July 19, 2021

Our ongoing “Did you know” series highlights the capabilities and benefits of AppZen Expense Audit, bringing you deeper into what makes it tick and how you can take advantage. In this segment, we look at AppZen’s customer support program, ExpertCare, and how it can transform your T&E operations and align with your overall business goals. 

As companies evaluate what expense software solution to implement, customer support is often top of mind. Many finance organization leaders know that the wrong customer support services can lead to costly delays, wasted time, and a reduction in employee productivity, and can have a negative impact on the overall bottom line. Poor support often involves limited hours and poorly trained staff that do not understand the product or your unique challenges. In such cases, it’s impossible for them to help you implement your vision and get the most out of your business investment.

AppZen, a leader in Finance AI software, is deeply focused on the customer experience. As a result, customers receive best-in-class support for its Mastermind AI-powered Expense Audit solution. At AppZen, we believe our customers are the key to our success, so we introduced ExpertCare & ExpertCare+ support programs. The goal of these programs is to address all of our customers’ needs by going well beyond the typical support offerings.

With ExpertCare, customers receive responses within 24 hours from a knowledgeable team of experts. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year, and is well versed in expense best practices, AppZen’s solutions, and the potential of our Mastermind AI. With public accounting, consulting, and leading technology company backgrounds, they understand your pain points and processes. They provide a single point of contact for access to AppZen’s AI scientists, data analysts, and engineers, all of whom are focused on solving your most critical business challenges.

ExpertCare proactively monitors your spend, risk, and operational performance against best practices validated by hundreds of CFOs and thousands of customers. In-depth, data-driven business reviews and proactive monitoring help you to achieve maximum ROI, improve model accuracy, reduce false positives, and drive down exception rates by 50%. Comprehensive benchmark and model analysis, quarter over quarter, informs specific actions and recommendations to address your particular spend, risk, and operational performance challenges.

This is much more than basic support. We consider ourselves a strategic consulting partner aligned with your vision, to help you explore all possibilities for improving your expense operations and ensuring success. We build a step-by-step action plan with a proven discovery process that aligns with your business goals, and implement benchmarks and methodologies that have worked successfully for similar companies. We also provide access to advanced solution capabilities, such as custom apps from our AppStore, to help you fine-tune your processes and more quickly achieve a positive ROI.

With AppZen ExpertCare, you receive more than a software solution. You have a 24x7 finance partner committed to your success.

Explore the capabilities of AppZen ExpertCare & ExpertCare+ support programs

Support Service



ExpertCare +

Local Business Hours 

Support coverage 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. PST

Global 24x7 Coverage 

Support coverage 24/7 for reported severity 1 issues

Portal and Email

Support by portal and email 

Team Support 

Delivery Team Support 

Online Training 

Video and webinar self-guided training 

Release Notes 

Access through the support portal 

Enhanced SLAs 

Quicker turnaround for support SLA’s 

Phone Support

Support delivery through phone for severity 1 issues

Semi-annual Business Reviews 

Business reviews include full data analysis, configuration, and tuning recommendations

Designated Customer Success Manager (CSM)

CSM provides technical subject matter expertise during local business hours, handles change management, and maintains ongoing communication with you on goals, training, and QBRs  

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

TAM for incident and escalation management: expedites resolution for severity 1 and 2 issues

TAM for problem management: provides technical consultation for workarounds or corrective action based on available root cause analysis 


Customized Pre-release Training

CSM-led, pre-release training for your account administrators, customized for your priorities and use cases


Custom Support Analysis and Report

TAM-led quarterly analysis and reporting on support cases, including best practices and configuration recommendations


Priority SLAs

Highest priority SLAs to ensure support tickets are responded to quickly


Quarterly On-site

Business Reviews.

CSM-led QBRs include full data analysis, configuration and tuning

recommendations, and support issue review


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Deniece Moxy

Senior Manager- Product Marketing