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Post-it notes, pet photos, and other silly “receipts” we’ve found

Imagine a scenario where you traveled for work and had an expensive dinner, but you lost your receipt. You want to get reimbursed for your meal, but a receipt is required to be submitted in your expense platform. What do you do? Well, instead of not attaching anything, we found that employees can get creative while submitting receipts — or shall we say not submitting receipts. Unfortunately for them, the AppZen platform is powered by artificial intelligence, optical character recognition (OCR), and machine learning, which knows a receipt when it sees one. However, that doesn’t stop some employees from trying to fly under the radar! Here are some of the funniest receipts that we’ve found.

Post-it Notes

Employees will sometimes attach post-it notes to their expense claims in lieu of an actual receipt. These notes sometimes include explanations (“sorry, lost my receipt!”), smiley faces, or random numbers — or, reminiscent of a student that doesn’t know the answer to a test, completely blank sheets of paper.

Cute Pet Photos

Employees sometimes attach photos of their cats, dogs, or other cute animals. These definitely bring a smile to our team’s faces whenever they’re flagged.

Landscape Photos

Sometimes we’ll see photos of flowers or picturesque, beautiful landscapes — while breathtaking, these are unfortunately not receipts.


Pop Culture References

Sometimes employees use expense reports to really showcase their humor. We’ve received photos of dog parties, movie quotes, and cartoon characters. While these photos crack us up, they’re also definitely not receipts.

‍Employees can get pretty crafty in what they attach to their expense reports for reimbursement. AppZen’s AI, however, can’t be outsmarted when it comes to distinguishing a receipt from a non-receipt. Although our current AI might not be able to understand the humor, but it will definitely detect fraud when it sees it!