Accounts Payable

Verify the fulfillment of goods and services with AI

by David Wishinsky May 2, 2019

AppZen’s fulfillment verification check, a feature of our AP Audit and Contract audit, gives procurement and finance teams confidence that contractors and suppliers are fulfilling their obligations by analyzing their digital activity. By integrating with relevant business systems such as inventory systems, key fob devices, messaging platforms, and the internet, our AI can create a work activity profile for different types of contractors and service providers to ensure that what your being billed for is actually for the services you received.

Managing Contractors and Services

For example, let’s say your company contracts a large custodial crew for its corporate campus. Over the course of a night, the custodial crew will likely swipe their key fobs to move from building to building, use digital records to track which buildings have been cleaned, and update inventory systems to indicate how many rolls of toilet paper or light bulbs were used. By analyzing every point of data ranging from the number of messages sent over the course of the night, to inventory records, to the number of entry swipes into each building, our AI can determine if the work was actually performed by understanding the digital footprint of the custodial crew.

If suddenly there are no entry swipes or inventory updates over the course of two nights, our AI will flag that something might be amiss and it’s possible that your custodial crew wasn’t doing what was expected. When an invoice is delivered for the month of work, your finance teams will have the data at hand to question if the nightly work was actually delivered consistently throughout the month. This same activity check can also be extended for contractors that might be working support or engineering services for your company and are required to be online for a set amount of hours each day. Wherever and however your contractors work, our AI can measure the work output to verify what you’re charged is accurate.

Managing Fulfillment

Beyond reviewing your contractors, fulfillment verification will give you confidence that you’re receiving what you’re paying for. For example, with your software systems, AI will cross-reference your contracts to make sure you’re being charged for the appropriate number of software licenses that you agreed to upon the submission of each new invoice. Another way AI can interpret digital data sources is that it can let you know if a server was possibly down in the middle of the night (maybe there were a few hours where no calls to the API took place, when normally there are dozens) so you can be aware of any potential contract violations regarding uptime. By utilizing data sources and understanding usage patterns, AI can find things that would typically go undetected with a manual human audit.

With so much activity going on across an enterprise, it can be difficult to verify that every service or job you paid for is being executed to completion. Here’s everything fulfillment verification can check:

Work activity verification

Understand the normal activity levels of a contractor or service provider to ensure that they’re performing the level of work you’re paying for.

License usage verification

Makes sure the number of software licenses (software seats, API calls, etc.) being billed for is accurate, so you’re not over paying for unused seats and volume.

Shipping document verification

Verify that the quantities on an invoice match what was received in shipping documents, so you can be confident that you’re receiving the items you paid for.

AppZen’s AP Audit and Contract Audit helps gives you the confidence that your business is receiving the work, items, and services it’s paying for. Our real-time audit of invoices and contracts to help you identify fraudulent merchants, billing mistakes, and payment term violations to decrease spend in your accounts payable process and give you peace of mind.

David Wishinsky

Senior Product Marketing Manager