Generative AI meets AP processing: the efficiency of AppZen Inbox

by AppZen July 28, 2023

At AppZen, we're always looking for ways to make your financial operations more efficient and effective. That’s why we're excited to introduce our latest feature, AppZen Inbox, a transformative tool designed to streamline your accounts payable process right from your AP inbox.

The greatest challenge AP teams face is…email?

We understand the difficulties faced by AP teams. There are so many manual tasks to complete and the pressure to ensure financial data is correct, fraud and waste are eliminated, and all invoices are paid on time can feel overwhelming. But the real enemy-in-hiding is distraction. Every day, you're inundated with hundreds of emails, each requiring careful reading, categorization, and a response. It’s agonizingly time-consuming, slowing down your invoice processing time and impacting your daily productivity.

"Portals are difficult to set up, monitor, and update, and suppliers tend to send invoices and other communications straight to an AP team’s inbox, regardless. Our customers were spending one-third of their time responding to these emails manually. They wanted to know if our AI could help them remove that stress." – Anant Kale, CEO, AppZen

In a recent AppZen customer survey, finance teams indicated they were spending as much as 30% of their workday reading incoming messages, sorting attachments, and researching data so they can craft individual replies to suppliers. On average, they’re losing one full day a week to processing emails, alone.

The good news is that our customers know how effective AI tools can be. When they asked us to help them find a way to remove the never-ending stress of staying on top of incoming messages, we jumped at the opportunity to help.

Introducing AppZen Inbox, with the power of generative AI

AppZen Inbox is our innovative solution to these challenges. It's designed to save you hours spent on email management, so you can focus on work that truly matters. The secret behind its efficiency is generative AI, an artificial intelligence technology that allows AppZen Inbox to read, categorize, and respond to emails in a way that mimics your most knowledgeable AP team member. And it does so with the speed and accuracy that only AI can provide.

It classifies and organizes emails for you, based on the incoming messages’ subject matter and the contents of their attachments. Connect it to AppZen Autonomous AP and it takes action to start the appropriate workflow as soon as an invoice arrives, reducing invoice processing time from days to hours. You can easily toggle between AppZen Inbox and Autonomous AP to review referenced invoices for easier follow-up.

Its real genius is its ability to draft accurate, data-driven responses for you from the information found in emails, attachments, and processed invoices. You no longer have to hunt down data. And its generative AI constantly learns from any edits you make to its draft responses; it’s always adapting, as part of its never-ending training process.

Simplified integration

We know that changing your workflow can be daunting. That's why we've designed AppZen Inbox to integrate seamlessly with your existing Gmail platform. The setup is fast and easy so there’s minimal disruption to your daily operations. (A plugin for Microsoft Outlook will be available soon, too.)

Join the future of AP processing

AppZen Inbox is more than just a feature. It's a testament to our commitment to innovation and efficiency. We're dedicated to providing finance teams with tools that are adaptable and responsive to your needs.

Join us in transforming the way AP teams work. Try AppZen Inbox today and experience the future of AP processing.