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Modeling good behavior: The 3 AI models Expense Audit customers love most

by AppZen December 8, 2023

Compliance and spend reduction are critical to the success of any organization. From the most junior auditor to the CFO, each member of the finance team must have a clear understanding of where every penny is spent. They need to know how to find and control any expenses that add unnecessary costs. At our recent AppZen On Tour events in Chicago and London, Customer Success Managers Colton Durham and Kevin North outlined how the AppZen AppStore can bring finance teams closer to achieving these goals.

Filled with AI models that help our customers find and rein in nuanced expenses, the AppStore is often a popular topic of conversation. Here are the top three AI models about which customers were eager to know more:

Keyword Audit Model

The Keyword Audit Model is one of our most popular models. Its versatility is one of the reasons for its popularity. There are endless use cases for this model, making it the perfect fit for our customers. Companies can easily flag unauthorized charges, such as airline club expenses, which often go unnoticed during the auditing process. It’s especially useful for catching new spend trends that might fly under an auditor’s radar, as well as unique out-of-policy items.

Monitored Employees Audit Model

Every T&E organization has a list of 3-10 employees on whom they want to keep a closer eye. The Monitored Employees Audit Model allows companies to automatically monitor the activities and expenses of those in sensitive roles, or with a history of spend violations and risky business behavior. Auditing specific employees any time they submit an expense report above preset spend thresholds avoids surprises and proactively ensures they stay compliant with policies and regulations.

Advanced Spend Anomaly Detection Model

The Advanced Spend Anomaly Detection Model is a popular premium model that helps track aggregate expenses over any time frame. For example, you may want to flag any additional employee expenses that exceed a $200 stipend limit. Whether a company wants to monitor employee internet spend per month, professional development expenses for a full year, or work-from-home office expenses over an employee's full tenure, this model is the perfect solution.

Models like these often receive attention at our events because they help finance teams manage nuanced expenses and align policies with organizational goals. They’re essential for expense auditors, finance managers, and CFOs needing to implement strong governance and risk management through their organizations' T&E policy and eradicate risky spend behavior. With them, businesses can easily identify both where expenses are and where they need to be. 

Curious to learn more about our AppStore models? Check them out for yourself or contact us today.