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Keyword Audit

Configure and monitor specific, expense-related keywords

The Keyword Audit App lets companies configure expense-related keywords and monitor these keywords against company policies. For example, one of our customers used this App to identify fraudulent work-from-home expenses. While this organization allowed employees to expense office chairs, they noticed that some employees were including “sofa" and “couch” on their expense reports. Using the Keyword Audit App, all expenses containing the keywords “sofa” and “couch” were automatically flagged as high-risk, effectively eliminating this type of employee fraud and non-compliant spend within the category.

Enforce unique corporate policies

  • Identify and flag user-defined high-risk keywords on expense-related fields on receipt images and business purpose fields, as they are listed in expense management systems

Eliminate Fraud

  • Flag user-defined keywords as medium or high risk
Keyword Audit