AI Audits Like A Human, But Better

We combine computer vision, deep learning, and natural language processing to make the world's most advanced artificial intelligence auditing technology.
Here’s how our technology works:
AppZen translates expense data in over 40 different languages

Data Understanding

With the ability to read over 40+ languages, our machines make sense of all the words on a receipt just like a human would. This includes understanding when travel upgrades occur, if alcohol appears on a receipt, how many nights were booked at a hotel, and much more. 

Automatically detects compliance expense audit

Data Augmentation

All extracted receipt data is cross checked against internal policies and on-line data sources to spot discrepancies. This includes things like verifying if a purchase is in policy, what a merchants true source of business is, and what the average price per meal is at a restaurant for one person.

See "high risk" alerts in real time

Behavior analysis

An employees expense history is examined to spot duplicate expense transactions and evaluate ongoing expense behavior. AppZen helps you distinguish between employees who are one time policy offenders rom those who continuously break policy or commit fraud.

Automatically detects compliance expense audit


100% of your expense reports are audited, but you are only alerted when high-risk violations are identified and in need of auditor review. We help
you stay focused on the things that have the most financial risk, not minor policy violation.

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