Invoice & Contract Audit

Real-time audit of invoices, contracts and purchase orders. Identify fraudulent merchants, billing mistakes, and payment term violations to decrease spend in your AP process.

WHAT CAN Invoice & Contract AUDIT Detect?

  • Discount term violations
  • Non-applied Rebates
  • Duplicate invoices and charges
  • Tiered pricing violations
  • Supplier and vendor fraud
  • Most-favored-nation pricing
  • Payment term violations

Real-Time Audit Across Your AP Systems

Regardless of what automation systems you use, our AI integrates seamlessly behind the scenes to spot discrepancies between your contract, invoice, and purchase order data.


Zero in on key terms and conditions



Extract and analyze prices and quantities


Purchase Orders

Isolate and scrutinize purchase terms 

Who We Integrate With

AppZen seamlessly integrates with all major back office systems. Our AI audit engine can be up and running quickly and doesn’t require changes to your existing processes.
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