Invoice Audit

Audit 100% of your invoices in real time with artificial intelligence to spot compliance issues, incorrect rates, and potential fraud prior to payment.

Detect Suspicious Activity

Instantly identify suspicious addresses, potential conflicts of interests, and be alerted when anomalies in supplier behavior occur.

Transform the AP Process

Remove unnecessary approvals and controls. Only focus on the invoices with issues so you can get your suppliers paid faster.

Seize Saving Opportunities

Proactively identify discounts for early payments and ensure invoice charges adhere to the specific terms and rates that were agreed upon.

Catch Duplicate Charges

Identify duplicate charges instantly throughout a supplier’s invoice and expense history.

Catch Every Duplicate Charge

  • Duplicate Invoices
  • Duplicate Line Item
  • Duplicate Spend

Identify Discount Opportunities

Proactively identify discounts for early payments and be alerted if loyalty and volume discounts were not applied.

    Enforce Agreed Discounts

    • Discount Terms Not Applied (volume, loyalty, etc.)
    • Service Level Verification

    enforce contract terms

    Enforce payment terms and verify work activity before issuing payments.

      Enforce Compliance

      • Payment Term Verification
      • Work Activity Verification
      • Shipping Document Verification
      • Verify Fulfillment Receipts
      • P.O. Mismatch

      Identify suspicious activity

      Spot suspicious invoices and suppliers that could lead to potential risk.

      Sniff Out Risk

      • Criminal and Debarred Activity Check
      • Suspicious Address Check
      • Invoice Trend Anomalies

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