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                                                                  • 100% review and verification of all receipts
                                                                  • Merchant category check using social data
                                                                  • Duplicate claims verification
                                                                  • Price checks for meal expenses
                                                                  • Reconciliation with Approved Travel Expenses
                                                                  • Corporate credit card reconciliation
                                                                  • Unethical practices and fraud detection
                                                                  • External attendee verification
                                                                  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance
                                                                  • Spend analytics
                                                                  • Works with all popular Expense Report Applications

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AppZen - the world’s first artificial intelligence powered solution for expense report audit and compliance
See for yourself how AppZen’s Artificial Intelligence
identifies fraud patterns, spend anomalies,
and non-compliant expenses.
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