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About AppZen

AppZen has developed the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) solution for back office automation. We’re a proud graduate of 500 Startups and backed by Resolute Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, FundersClub, Mastercard, and Silicon Valley Bank.

Our AI for business solution uses patent-pending Natural Language Processing machine learning algorithms to analyze data and automate back office functions. The data science-based technology automatically detects accidental as well as intentional fraud, and provides real-time compliance to IRS rules, FCPA regulations, and company policies. In addition, the solution automatically audits and assigns risk scores to every expense, protecting your company from expense misuse and regulatory non-compliance.

AppZen was founded in 2012 by long-time friends, Anant Kale and Kunal Verma. They decided to bring their expertise in enterprise solutions and artificial intelligence together to improve employee productivity and reduce back office inefficiencies. Their team of business process & enterprise systems experts and PhDs are hard at work making AI for business a reality.

AppZen - Best AI Startup of 2017

Latest announcement: AppZen Secures $13M in Series A Funding from Redpoint Ventures to Transform Back Office Automation with Artificial Intelligence

March 2, 2017: AppZen CEO to Present New Artificial Intelligence Technology at Concur Fusion 2017

February 8, 2017: AppZen Awarded “Best AI Startup” Recognition by the AI Awards

January 10, 2017: Enterprise A.I. Solutions Provider AppZen Taps Former CFO of Oracle Jeff Epstein as an Advisor

August 30, 2016: AppZen Integrates its Artificial Intelligence Expense Report Audit Tool with Concur to Deliver Automated Auditing Solutions to Enterprises (pdf)

June 22, 2016: AppZen Nabs $2.9M Seed Round Led by Resolute Ventures to Revolutionize Back Office Automation with Artificial Intelligence (pdf)


AppZen has raised $13 million in a series A financing round led by Redpoint Ventures with seed investor Resolute Ventures also participating. AppZen sells into large businesses and looks to automatically audit expense reports in order to encourage employees to ensure they are only expensing the right things to the company and not going out of bounds — by a little or a lot.

VentureBeat recognizes AppZen
Outsource your boring back office paperwork to AI – AppZen uses computer vision and natural language processing (NLP) to automate and audit a firm’s expenses. As a complete solution, AppZen automatically captures expenses and analyzes receipts, credit card transactions, and even travel bookings with internal and external sources. It then audits these data, ensures that everything complies with regulatory standards, and catches costly human error.

SiliconIndia features AppZen - AI for Expense Report Audit
Artificial Intelligence: The Answer to More Effective Business Compliance – AI auditors allow companies to employ the equivalent of an entire army of personnel that’s ultimately capable of performing review, research, and decision-making tasks faster and more accurately than any human auditor can

Forbes features AppZen
Small Business Tech News This Week – Auditing app AppZen has added computer vision and AI to help better spot sketchy charges in expense reports

IT Business Edge features AppZen
Artificial Intelligence: Present Trends and Its Future – “Application of AI will bring in the most disruption in every process that we know of in the enterprise,” says Anant Kale, CEO of AppZen”

Corporate Compliance Insights features AppZen
Exploring the Upside of Evolving A.I. Business SolutionsThere’s no longer any question that AI (artificial intelligence) is transforming the business world, and this is great news when it comes to successfully maintaining a corporate infrastructure modeled on the three pillars of governance, risk management and compliance (GRC)

INC Magazine features AppZen
How to Build a Useful Chatbot That Doesn’t Creep Out Customers

IT Pro Portal features AppZen
Artificial intelligence: Are you ready for the fourth industrial revolution? – Thanks to revolutionary advancements in robotics, web services and artificial intelligence (AI), we’re standing on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution

PSFK features AppZen
AI Expert: How the Fourth Industrial Revolution Will Impact Our Lives – Anant Kale, Co-Founder and CEO of AppZen, explores how artificial intelligence will profoundly affect the way we structure our workforce

FastCompany features AppZen
This Auditing App Lets Your Boss Police Suspicious “Work” Cocktails AppZen, which offers automated auditing services, just added computer vision and AI to help spot sketchy charges in expense reports

Corporate Compliance Insights features AppZen
AppZen Launches ReceiptIQ™ – Computer Vision Technology to Enhance AI-Driven Automated Expense Report Auditing Solution

Buying Business Travel features AppZen
How Artificial Intelligence is transforming business T&E“Artificial Intelligence allows companies to detect opportunistic behaviors that lead to T&E policy noncompliance because automated technologies like machine learning, computer vision, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) make it possible to regularly spot anomalies in employee expense reports.”

Accounting Today features AppZen
AppZen Uses AI to Scrutinize Expense Reports“AppZen has introduced new technology that is leveraging artificial intelligence to examine expense reports for signs of fraud”

Corporate Compliance Insights features AppZen
Artificial Intelligence – The New Superpower For Compliance“real-time compliance can be achieved today through artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence-powered robots have the potential to disrupt how companies conduct back-office business operations, bringing in new levels of productivity improvements, cost efficiency and compliance and risk mitigatiom”

Outsell featured AppZen AI for business
Expense Management Gets a Dose of Intelligence“AppZen’s value-add represents a step forward in unstructured data analytics in support of corporate cost savings. While fraud- and error-prevention in expense management is an attractive value-proposition to most companies, the real “gem” here is how AppZen is able to support regulatory initiatives around Know Your Customer (KYC) mandates, Anti-Bribery Acts, Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) regulations, and Anti-Corruption laws.”

Business Insider featured AppZen AI for business
The head of Bloomberg’s $150 million VC fund explains the formula for finding a top AI startup“Startups that have fit the bill and have recently earned investment from Bloomberg Beta include AppZen, an app that uses AI to detect peculiarities in employee expense accounts”

Compliance Week featured AppZen AI for business
Rise of the machines: how artificial intelligence could revolutionize compliance“…due to the high cost of expense auditing, most companies use random sampling and threshold-based auditing to catch policy violations or fraud, which has made them passive and leaves them at risk. With machine-learning algorithms, however, companies can review expense report data, crosscheck it with external sources and social media in real-time, and detect compliance problems.”

PSFK featured AppZen - AppZen leading the race as perhaps the only contender to offer backend automation
AI Can Now Automate Your Expense Reports – “The ongoing proliferation of AI will soon reach every corner of a businesses financial crux, with AppZen leading the race as perhaps the only contender to offer backend automation”

Wall Street Journal recognizes AppZen AI for business
AppZen Raises $2.9M to Revamp the Back Office

VentureBeat recognizes AppZen AI for business
Expense reporting startup AppZen raises $2.9 million

Venture Radar features AppZen as top AI company
Leading startups using AI to augment knowledge work

TechRepublic recognizes AppZen artificial intelligence AI for business
How AppZen disrupts expense reports with natural language processing

AppZen artificial intelligence AI for business recognized by American Banker
Silicon Valley Bank, MasterCard Gear Up for Startup Accelerator

TechCrunch talks about AppZen artificial intelligence AI for business
Meet 500 Startups’ New Batch – “our picks for the top companies from the 11th Mountain View batch

AppZen artificial intelligence AI for business in MarketWired
500 Startups’ AppZen Unveils First Artificial Intelligence-Powered Solution to Automate Employee Expense Compliance and Audit

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