Our AI learns from the best - you

Using computer vision, deep learning, and semantic analysis, we’ve built the world’s leading AI platform for modern finance teams.

how it works
It starts with data

We integrate with your finance systems to audit your expenses, invoices, and contracts right after they’re submitted.

Understand data

We extract all words, currency amounts, merchant names, terms, rates, and other key pieces of information from your documents and data and assign contextual meaning to them, just like a human would.

Augment data

We cross-check your spend against policy, regulations, and contracts from both AP systems and other internal data like messaging, badge access, and system logs, plus external signals from online sources to uncover wasteful, fraudulent, or out-of-policy transactions.

Analyze history

We analyze transaction history to identify duplicates and anomalies, helping you distinguish between simple errors and one-time offenses and actual risk trends.

Assess risk

We assign a risk score to every transaction. This allows you to approve low-risk spend automatically and flag high-risk items for manual review. This keeps your team focused on transactions that matter and lets you audit more spend with your existing reviewers.

Connect the dots with
Star Match™

Don't just validate prices and units. Verify SLAs, volumes, discounts, delivery times, work activity and much more to flag risk across all your business systems.

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Platform value

Audit 100% of spend in real-time

Audit 100% of spend instantly, without adding more people.

Gain visibility across disparate systems

Flag suspicious transactions immediately for manual review.

Focus on high-risk spend

Focus on the transactions that matter - suspected errors, waste, and fraud.

Minimize the need for manual controls and approvals

Use AI to auto-approve low-risk spend and make manual reviews more accurate.

Detect risk before you pay

Detect risk prior to payment. Reduce spend without having to wait for the recovery audit.

Identify misuse

Identify employees and suppliers who are continuously breaking policy and terms.

Time is money.
AppZen saves you both.

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