Give managers on-demand visibility into their team’s spend

AI-powered Team Intelligence gives managers on-demand visibility into team spend, decreases the manager approval workload, and increases compliance.

Increase spend control without manager approvals

Like a 24/7 auditor, AppZen Expense Audit checks every expense report, enabling you to remove managers from the approval workflow. Team Intelligence improves managers’ visibility into their team’s overall spend trends, increasing their control over unauthorized and high risk spend – while eliminating their need to review every report.

Enable managers to see and control their team’s spend trends and risks

Managers can go beyond each report and see potential high risk spend, unauthorized spend, spend by expense type, and top spenders on their team. The AppZen Compliance Index (ACI) score tracks employee behavior over time so managers can identify patterns of misuse.

Managers see detailed reports that cover just their team, so you don't have to worry about exposing sensitive information.

Increase policy compliance

AI-powered automatic risk identification enables managers to understand expense misconduct on their teams so they can take immediate corrective action.

Maintain internal controls by automatically validating every expense report against company policies, while freeing managers to manage.

Automatically identify your highest-risk employees

Reduce spend by identifying your highest-risk employees. AppZen finance AI gives you the insights to distinguish one-off mistakes from larger trends of errors, waste, and fraud.

Pay employees back as early as the next day

Delight your employees by shortening your reimbursement times by up to 65%. You set the policy and AppZen AI automatically approves low-risk expense reports so managers can focus on the high-risk items.

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We’ve reduced our global reimbursement time to less than a day.