Expand the scope of finance transformation

Build automations of your custom spend policies, controls, and risk levels.

How it works

Your company spend policies have a lot of nuance and exceptions that require human review. How do you enforce them without digging through every expense and invoice?

Tailor compliance enforcement

Your company has outlined an IT purchase policy that only allows field service employees and senior executives to buy smartphones. The AppZen Platform makes it easy to create a custom rule to monitor and control this complex process.

Understand key concepts

The AppZen Platform identifies the purchases that need scrutiny, like smartphones, and which don’t, like a smartphone charging cable. By looking at every receipt, invoice, and credit card transaction, the AppZen Platform can identify which purchases are within policy.

Integrate with your existing systems

The AppZen Platform integrates with other enterprise systems, such as your HR system, to identify who can and can’t expense a smartphone.

Key Benefits

Think big

Make your vision for finance transformation a reality with easy-to-use AI tools.

Automate complex manual processes

Streamline processes that have historically required deep domain knowledge and human-decision making.

Expand your scope

Address more and more operational finance use cases.

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AppZen looks at every transaction and allows my team to focus more on risk prevention and root cause analysis and course correction.”

Peter Sperger

Chief Compliance, Internal Audit, And information security officer, OPKO Health Inc.


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