If you can dream it, Mastermind can automate it.

All your unique corporate spend policies, covered.

Mastermind gives enterprise finance teams the power to automate their unique corporate spend policies to achieve compliance and 100% auditing on all expenses.

Understand unique documents

Many organizations require pre-approvals for specific expenses, such as taking clients out to a sporting event. Mastermind can read, understand, and audit pre-approval documents to make sure your policy is followed.

Manage dynamic custom policies at scale

For project or grant-driven organizations, applying unique thresholds and policies dynamically at scale can be very burdensome. Mastermind lets you automatically create custom rules to monitor spend within specific general ledger (GL) codes that represent client projects, funding grants, or company events.

Get 100% coverage on all use cases

Many organizations give employees a lifetime allowance for productivity tools (headphones, custom chairs, etc.) to use at their discretion. With Mastermind, you can create a custom rule to keep track of these expenses for each employee overtime, to ensure they don’t exceed the allowance.

Automate reviews, approvals, and notification flows

If you can think it, Mastermind can automate it – from routing notifications to reviews and approvals. Implement your spend policy precisely and dynamically, without hiring an army of auditors.

Key Benefits

Think big

If you can think it, Mastermind can automate it - document reviews, routing and designated approvals.

Smart decision and policy automation

Streamline processes that have historically required deep domain knowledge and human-decision making.

Reduce spend

Reduce spend by automating unique corporate spend policies, resulting in near 100% policy enforcement.

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AppZen looks at every transaction and allows my team to focus more on risk prevention and root cause analysis and course correction.”

Peter Sperger

Chief Compliance, Internal Audit, And information security officer, OPKO Health Inc.


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