See the forest – and the trees

Dynamic, AI-driven spend insights on top of the most accurate, 100% audited spend data.

360º real-time view of spend

Create a complete view of spend, risk, and risk-management operational performance, with ready-to-use and custom charts, dashboards, metrics, benchmarks, and no IT or engineering involvement.

Benchmark your performance

Benchmark spend, risk, and operational performance against industry peers and best-in-class companies to identify areas of excellence and opportunity.

Analyze root causes in one place

Drill all the way from the overall view to the individual transaction and paper trail, to get the whole picture, big and small, without switching between systems. Go from region, department, to the individual employee with ease.

Custom dashboards – your way

Gain immediate, actionable insights with over 30 out-of-the-box charts and metrics – without the hassle of gathering and scrubbing data. Build additional custom dashboards with over 20 different chart types on top of dynamic, AI-driven, 100% audited spend data.

Spend smarter

Use Insights Pro to further decrease spend, reduce risk, and improve operational performance; whether to identify offenders with the most Missing Receipt Affidavit or analyze work-from-home expenses based on employee work arrangement status, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve reduced our global reimbursement time to less than a day.”

—   Senior Director, Global Accounts Payable

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