Transform your spend process

Ditch pointless approvals and drastically change your spend culture with AI-powered analytics.


Eliminate unnecessary approvals

Remove bottlenecks from your AP process. Bypass rubber-stamp approvals and still ensure internal controls. Give budget owners the spend visibility they need without the required day-to-day effort.

Pay people back fast

Delight your employees and suppliers by getting them paid back quickly. Our AI auto-approves low-risk expense reports and can even do so for approvals, so reviewers can focus on the high-risk items.

Identify consistent issues

Whether it’s incremental supplier cost increases or unapproved employee travel upgrades, AI gives you the insights needed to distinguish one-off mistakes from larger trends.

Spot anomalies

Want to see out-of-the-norm expenses or spikes in supplier costs? We’ve got you covered. Our AI identifies spend irregularities, super-charges, and other oddities.

Improve your policies

Shape your policies based on learnings from our AI. Find opportunities to adjust invoice payment terms or ease up on stringent alcohol policies to suit your company culture. Whatever the improvement, you’ll have the data to back it up.

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We’ve reduced our global reimbursement time to less than a day."

—   Senior Director, Global Accounts Payable

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