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2675 Middleburry Street
San Jose, CA, 95127
Invoice #100134
Everyday Enterprises
6201 America Center Dr
San Jose, CA, 95002
2%/10, Net 30
Due Date:
Balance Due:
Database consulting hours
100 Series mesh black chair
Waterproof sandpaper
600 Grit, 9"x11" 50 count
Monthly Total
Monthly Total
Monthly Total
Monthly Total
Monthly Total

Stop duplicate charges

Never pay for the same services or supplies twice! Identify duplicate charges irrespective of invoice number. Whether it’s duplicate invoices, identical line items, multiple invoices rolled up into one, or duplicate charges across two or more systems (even P2P and T&E), AI spots them all.

Enforce payment and pricing terms

Our AI flags invoices that violate the payment terms and rates you negotiated in your contracts.

Identify missing discounts

Take advantage of loyalty and volume discounts. Our AI makes sure you get the goodies you negotiated hard for.

Eliminate overcharges

Don’t overpay for supplies or services. Our Star Match validates your invoice against not just your contract and PO, but other data like logs, messages, badge scans, sensor data, and more.

Catch suspicious activity

Catch gradual increases in invoice totals over time, sudden increases in monthly charges, and suspicious remit information. We bring invoice anomalies to your attention so you can follow up with your supplier.

Flag compliance issues

Stay out of regulatory hot water. Our AI cross-checks global sources for payments to foreign state-owned businesses, politically-exposed individuals or entities, and healthcare professionals.

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