How it works

It starts with data

We integrate with your finance systems to audit your expenses, invoices, and contracts right after they’re submitted.

Understand data

We extract all words, currency amounts, merchant names, terms, rates, and other key pieces of information from your documents and assign contextual meaning to them, like a human would.

Augment data

We cross-check your spend against policy, regulations, and contracts from both AP systems and other internal data like messaging, badge access, and system logs, plus external signals from online sources to uncover wasteful, fraudulent, or out-of-policy transactions.

Assess risk

We assign a risk score to every transaction. This allows you to approve low-risk spend automatically and flag high-risk items for manual review. This keeps your team focused on transactions that matter and lets you audit more spend with your existing reviewers.


Our AI learns over time from your data, actions, and feedback, the collective knowledge of all of our customers, as well as external signals from online sources. This means that you get the benefit of global intelligence coupled with the specific learnings from your own environment.