Solve challenges in expense management with Concur and AppZen

AppZen for SAP Concur expense auditing

You’ve taken an important step toward creating a best-in-class expense management process, and one that ensures you reimburse employees’ expenses quickly. You have deployed the SAP Concur Expense app and are already seeing the value of streamlining your employees’ expense reporting and your own ability to standardize on a common expense policy. Deploying SAP Concur Expense is a great step toward optimizing your operations, but even world-class finance teams struggle with three challenges: spend leakage, non-compliance, and inefficient process. The best solution is to use AppZen AI to audit all expenses before you reimburse.

Challenges in expense management

Even the most optimized T&E management teams have spend leakage, non-compliance, and inefficiencies in their expense reporting and reimbursement process. Spend leakage can include errors, waste, and fraud such as duplicate receipts, fat-finger errors, wasteful spend, and even fraudulent expenses. Organizations struggle to ensure expenses comply with corporate policy and don’t land the company in regulatory hot water, such as with anti-bribery laws like the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or healthcare transparency laws like the Sunshine Act. Reviewing all expenses usually means not paying people on time or having a bloated or inefficient process, so many companies solve this tradeoff with a less rigorous review process.

How AppZen and SAP Concur work together
SAP Concur Expense makes employee expense reporting simple, fast, and accurate. The SAP Concur solution is considered a best-in-class way to manage expenses. With AppZen as a critical audit layer to SAP Concur, expense reporting is made simple, and you can be sure to get the most out of your expense management investment.

The AppZen Platform provides AI-powered auditing across SAP Concur and your other spend systems, such as invoice automation. We use AI to review 100 percent of your expense transactions in SAP Concur, as well as across other spend automation systems such as legacy ERP and even legacy expense management solutions left over from acquisitions. We audit each transaction across dozens of risk areas and surface fat-finger entry errors, duplicate expenses within SAP Concur itself or across SAP Concur and other systems (such as invoice automation), mis-classified expenses, potential fraud, wasteful spend, and regulatory violations.

AppZen integrates with the SAP Concur software via the SAP Concur API. We sit in the workflow and ingest expense details and receipt images. We extract and understand dates, amounts, and other key items from receipt images. Then we perform a comprehensive, AI-powered audit on the transaction to find duplicates, errors, unexpectedly-high expenses, fraudulent entries, out-of-policy spend, unauthorized merchants, mis-classified expenses, and regulatory violations such as indicators of bribery or spend with a healthcare provider. We assess risk based on the presence of any of those issues and provide a score to SAP Concur so the system can automatically approve some or all of the low-risk transactions and route high-risk ones to an auditor.


Use cases - Accounts payable audit results

Catch duplicate spend.

Avoid reimbursing for the same expense twice by catching duplicate expenses within an expense report, across expense reports, across employees, and even across systems (e.g., within invoices).

Spot overspending.

Flag wasteful spending on hotels and meals, as well as over-the-limit per diem charges.

Identify errors.

Find errors like fat-fingering data entry, miscalculating totals, or attaching the wrong receipt to an expense.

Detect unauthorized merchants.

Catch spend at unauthorized merchants by verifying MCC codes and online sources like Yelp or Dianping.

Avoid regulatory violations.

Identify regulatory violations like payments and gifts to foreign officials, government-owned entities, politically-exposed persons, and healthcare providers.

Find out-of-policy expenses.

Flag out-of-policy purchases like home Internet, spa services, tobacco, and gifts.

Enforce daily spending limits.

Make sure employees are staying within your corporate policy s daily limits for hotels and meals.

Auto-approve low-risk spend.

Focus auditor attention on errors, waste, fraud, and non-compliance by automatically approving low-risk expenses.

Flag high-risk spend.

Instantly flag high-risk spend for manual review, providing auditors with risk details for accurate, consistent decision-making.

Pay people back fast.

Cut employee reimbursement from weeks to 1-2 days by auto-approving low-risk spend, optimizing manual approvals, and cutting extraneous steps.

Avoid the rubber stamp.

Reduce the need for pre-audit manager approval by auditing with AI-first and only having managers review issues. (You can always provide a summary, drill-down reports that they can review at their convenience.)

Critical AI capabilities

Audit 100 percent of spend prior to payment

Review or audit all expenses before you pay. Because AI auditing is automated and happens in real-time, you can review 100 percent of expenses prior to payment, and still reimburse employees quickly.

Understand documents

Extract and understand key information like dates, amounts, and spend classification from unstructured receipts. These data points can serve as powerful clues in identifying errors and fraud.

Enrich with intelligence

Enrich expense information with intelligence from business systems and external sources. AI gives you the visibility you need to find issues like unauthorized merchants and wasteful spend that you otherwise wouldn’t see.

Assess and refine risk

Use AI to assess expense risk accurately and consistently. Refine that risk as new data become available and auditors provide feedback. This allows you to auto-approve low-risk spend and provide the right details and evidence to reviewers of high-risk transactions.

Streamline auditing processes

Automate workflows, remove extraneous steps like rubber-stamp manager reviews, and reimburse people quickly. Streamlining process will enable you to review all spend in real-time, at scale.

ROI calculator for AI spend auditing

Calculate your ROI on auditing 100 percent of expenses and invoices, prior to payment, with artificial intelligence.

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