Improve your organization’s expense culture with audit insights

by AppZen August 13, 2018

We have always believed that, through AI, companies not only have the ability to become more efficient and compliant in their back office functions and processes, but can also leverage their data at scale to engender positive cultural changes throughout the organization.

With our Expense Audit product, we delivered an AI solution that’s helped companies audit 100% of their expense reports instantly while simultaneously identifying more risk and keeping costs down. While our customers are seeing tremendous benefits in this solution alone, a natural next question has emerged: How do I leverage my data to influence positive employee- behavior change?

Catching high-risk expense reports is one thing, but making a positive T&E cultural change throughout a company with thousands of employees is another. After months of hard work we are proud to announce the launch of a new product called Insights to solve that exact problem.

Insights brings AI-powered analytics to organizations to better understand their overall T&E team spend as a whole, and to access granular information like who on their team spends more compared to peers and who has an ongoing pattern of bad T&E behavior.

As more and more companies begin a shift toward holding department and team leads accountable for their team’s budget and spend, Insights is a natural next step in helping those leaders gain the right pieces of information to succeed. With Insights, managers not only have the tools to proactively identify who on their team violates policy, but, more importantly, have the right information to have impactful conversations with their teams.

Anyone held accountable to a team, department, or cost center budget can now utilize AppZen to better understand where they can proactively reduce budget waste in relation to their team’s T&E spend. High-risk and unauthorized spend data can also be filtered by audit and expense categories to gain better insights into where a team is making the most T&E mistakes in the aggregate to deliver a baseline for deeper managerial investigation.

Company T&E Spend By Audit Category & Expense Type

Diving deeper into the expense audit data, team leads can identify who on their teams spends more relative to peers — and the types of policy violations those team members are consistently committing. Additionally, the AppZen Behavioral Index (ABI) bolsters peer-to-peer expense tracking by pointing out bad actors over extended periods of time.

Team Specific T&E Spend By Audit Category & Expense Type

Drilling into an employee profile allows managers to have proactive and impactful conversations with their employees by identifying where violations are occurring and links to the expense reports where violations take place.

Employee Specific T&E Spend Details

With Expense Audit, AppZen introduced an AI innovation for the workplace: automated scans of 100% of a company’s reports, in seconds. Expense audit also removed managers from the tedious process of approving every line item. With Insights, managers can now visualize and analyze their team’s expense data to improve policies, efficiency, and behavior.

Audit Insights is available  as an additional product offering to current Expense Audit customers. Get started today.

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