Custom dashboards provide answers to your critical T&E challenges

by Deniece Moxy July 26, 2021

In this edition of our “Did You Know?” series, we explore the custom dashboard capabilities of Expense Audit and how it helps you discover new insights, expense trends and answers to complex business questions. This ongoing series highlights the capabilities and benefits of AppZen Expense Audit, bringing you deeper into what makes it tick and how you can take advantage.

According to a recent Mastercard report, “Corporate travel and entertainment costs (T&E) are usually an organization’s second-highest indirect expense behind labor.” Many expense managers face increased pressure to cut the cost of their T&E budget, enact efficient policies that drive employee compliance, and root out fraud and unnecessary spend. To deal with these challenges they often look to data to help improve their finance decisions and overall bottom line. Many of the finance systems they use, however, have very limited analytics and dashboarding capabilities. For example, they include standard dashboards that do not take into account data points unique to the organization, are not customizable, only focus on transactional data, and do not provide capabilities for risk assessment or business insights so corporations can make informed decisions. To make matters worse, these systems often require additional fees to access comprehensive analytical features.  

AppZen Expense Audit is a finance software data powerhouse. Using its innovative Mastermind AI technology, customers can build unlimited custom dashboards that deliver insights into their overall T&E and auditing process, all at no additional cost. With Expense Audit, you can create dashboards with data from a variety of sources, including receipts, credit card transactions, and invoices. Easily see who is misusing company funds by tracking the number of times an employee submits expenses just below the approval threshold. Or automatically monitor employees with the most late expense submissions and immediately take action before it becomes a systematic problem that bogs down your entire T&E operation. 

These custom dashboards allow you to see which vendors pose the highest risks to your T&E workflow and quickly implement policies that reduce the impact to your budget. They allow you to benchmark your success and find out which policies are working, and determine whether they require additional enhancements for optimal efficiency.

AppZen’s Expense Audit Mastermind AI technology automatically audits 100% of your expense data. As a result, you can create accurate dashboards instantly, specific to your needs and requirements, with zero involvement from IT. Discover new insights, easily answer your organization’s most critical questions about fraud and out-of-policy spend, and evaluate the effectiveness of your company’s compliance strategy.

Discover how Expense Audit , a modern finance AI solution, provides on-demand analytics about your company’s expenses with custom interactive dashboards. Gain more insightful analysis into spend data that help drive better business decisions.

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Deniece Moxy

Senior Manager- Product Marketing