AppZen resources for finance teams during the COVID-19 crisis

by AppZen April 28, 2020

We’ve created a number of resources to help in these uncertain times, and are collecting them here. We will continue to add to it in the coming weeks.

We’ve included:

We’ve covered topics such as: What you should allow employees to expense when they’re working from home? How can you curb costs in your payables?

If you have questions or suggestions, or are willing to share how your company is responding in your expense and payables practices, please reach out to us at

For current customers

To give you more insight, we’ve created a package of dashboards and insights to shed light on your spend at no additional cost. It shows you spend by expense type, trends over time, breakdowns of spend by individuals and teams, top spenders, drivers of high risk spend, and much more. Email us at to sign up.

For additional customer resources, check out our resource center.

CFO resources

Our reality has changed dramatically in the last few weeks. How should you adjust your approach to leadership? Download the CFO Leadership Toolkit for white papers, videos, and tip sheets that may be of help to you and your finance organization during this difficult time.

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How expenses are changing over time

Which industries’ expenses have been most and least affected by the current environment? What kinds of expenses are changing the most?


April 9, 2020

Expensing in a crisis

To help companies consider their response, ensure employee well-being, and maintain productivity regardless of where people work, we dug into our expense report data to learn how COVID-19 is affecting employees worldwide.


March 17, 2020

March 25, 2020 


Watch these quick 1-2 minute videos covering highlights of our data surrounding COVID-19 travel cancellation and work-from-home expenses, how your team can identify savings in uncertain times, and more. 


Have work-from-home expense policies been on your mind?

We’ve gathered some unique insights on the best practices of work-from-home expense policies from our peers and customers. This tip sheet covers some things to consider as you craft the policy that best supports your company and your employees.


Identify payables savings across the business – now

We know times are uncertain and company cash is more critical than ever. You’re likely looking for ways to reduce your spend from financing, vendors, contracts, and more. In this tip sheet, we’ll cover how to curb costs, increase workforce agility, resilience & productivity, and cover 100% of payables across all systems. Learn more in our tip sheet.