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Accurately digitize invoice data from your AP inbox, no templates needed

What sets our AI apart is its ability to learn and improve. It interprets invoice data and downstream transactions so it can build a library of patterns and confidently read any new invoice you give it.

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AI-first, autonomous invoice data capture that continuously learns and improves, increasing AP efficiency by 80% and allowing you to process invoices in 1 day.

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AI invoice data extraction: highest efficiency and always improving

The true power of Autonomous AP is its ability to distinguish invoices from non-transactional documents, autonomously extract and process the correct data, and continually improve. Over time, it processes an increasing number of invoices with high confidence.

Capture data accurately every time

When AI is the first to touch your invoices, there’s no need to confirm your OCR entered your data correctly. AppZen does all of that for you within minutes, 100% guaranteed, saving you countless hours of manual work and eliminating the need for vendor-specific templates.

Processes invoices regardless of format

Autonomous AP handles documents however they come to you, whether through your vendor portal, AP email inbox, or scans and in any format or orientation. Our AI can also extract data in multiple languages and currencies.

Scalability and continuous learning

You never need to rewrite templates when vendor formats change. Our AI learns from your AP team’s feedback to process even more invoices over time, from start to finish, with 100% confidence.

The value of your current automation system is eroding

Invoice data capture isn’t the straightforward problem it should be. Changes to supplier invoice formats, new locations, and new vendor staff can all result in increases in manual processing and the erosion of your automation system’s value over time.

Every business has a unique set of buying circumstances and practices, with complicated supplier relationships, differing material masters, units of measure, and varying product descriptions. Your AP team has built the expertise to process your organization’s transactions accurately, but as your business changes and scales, your AP team faces serious challenges:

  • Suppliers who insist on using their own automation template or format, send you PDFs, or mail paper invoices, leaving all the work to your AP team
  • Reliance on the human element, limiting efficiency and increasing finance operations costs
  • Outsourcing invoice data capture, resulting in a loss of control, higher costs, and backlogs that delay financials posting
Traditional AP Automation
Traditional AP Automation

In terms of other advantages AppZen has delivered, one major one is in reliable data capture of certain elements that we weren’t capturing before. Now AppZen does that for us."







Cost savings at speed with Autonomous AP

Our customers’ accounting teams rely on AppZen’s innovative, AI-first technology to confidently complete invoice data capture, validation, and even GL code assignments autonomously, with no need for manual checks, outsourcing, or additional staff.


A leading provider of industrial technologies and supplies needed a way to increase efficiency and cost savings by speeding up invoice data capture and processing. The solution they were using was highly error-prone and only captured invoice header information, requiring them to review everything manually after processing. Prior to adopting AppZen’s Autonomous AP solution, someone had to open every vendor email, read every attachment, copy invoices to a folder, and ensure that the invoice was facing the right direction and documents were separated. They then submitted these in batches to their OCR system, checked the OCR’s outcome, made corrections, and sent it on to SAP. They knew this process would never scale.


Autonomous AP sped up their document processing as soon as it went live. Integrating with SAP, it began learning from the content and context of the previous year’s invoices. It then extracted new invoice data autonomously—meaning it took the correct email attachments straight out of their inbox, then read and accurately entered data without anyone needing to double-check it. Their team no longer had to open emails or manually review OCR data. AppZen’s AI distinguishes between invoices and other kinds of attachments, reads invoices in any orientation, and is continuously learning from corrections made by AP staff within the workflow.

BONUS: The company is able to drive additional cost savings and efficiency through multi-line PO matching.

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