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Add an additional layer of insights to your expense audit process to eliminate manager expense approvals, spot high risk spend leakage, and identify your top out of policy spenders.
AppZen translates expense data in over 40 different languages

Eliminate manager approvals

Remove bottlenecks in your payment processes by eliminating manager approvals. Accelerate the rate your employees are reimbursed while also giving your managers the insights they need to control their teams expense spend.

  • Puts your managers in full control of their teams spend to gain insights into specific policy violations committed by their team as a whole and individually.
  • Keeps managers focused on high risk violations so low risk violations can be reimbursed automatically, even as quickly as same day
  • Gives managers the tools to keep their team fully compliant when it comes to T&E policy
  • Drill into individual employee expense spend details to spot bad actors
Automatically detects compliance expense audit

Identify Top Policy Violators

Know who your top out of policy spenders are at the department, team, cost center, and individual employee level. Identify outliers such as which members of a team commit the most policy violations compared to their peers.

  • Identify employees with a history of policy abuse and suspected fraudulent behavior faster
  • Dynamically filter between between cost centers, teams, and policies to understand where the most out of policy spend is occurring throughout your organization
  • Find expense spend outliers within departments and teams so you can see who spends more compared to their peers and why
See "high risk" alerts in real time

Spot Unauthorized Spend

Identify where unauthorized spend and out of policy behavior is occurring most frequently across your organization. Whether it’s from employee travel upgrades or alcohol violations, we give you the insights needed to start taking action.

  • Understand where unauthorized spend is occurring across expense categories
  • Identify where the most high risk policy violations are occurring across audit check categories
  • Locate high risk reports with the greatest potential spend leakages faster so your teams know where to focus their audit attention
AppZen is disrupting back office operations in a way that is very obvious to those of us who work in this world. We evaluated 3 other vendors before deciding that AppZen was in a category by themselves – No one else is able to do audit analysis within the report workflow like they do.
Adam Feibish, Sr. Director of Procurement Ops
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