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Utilize AI-driven analytics to eliminate manager approvals, correct bad T&E behavior, and dramatically improve your organization’s expense culture.
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AppZen translates expense data in over 40 different languages

Eliminate manager approvals

Empower your managers to take control of their teams’ expense spend to change your company expense culture at the field level, not from the finance desk.

  • Gain insights into specific violations committed by the team and individuals
  • Keep the focus on high-risk behavior while ensuring low-risk reports get reimbursed as quickly as same day
  • Drill into individual employee expense spend details to spot bad actors over time
Automatically detects compliance expense audit

Identify Top Violators

Compare employee expense behavior across departments, cost centers, and individual teams to identify your top violators. 

  • Filter between cost centers, teams, departments, and policies to understand where the most out-of-policy spend is occurring
  • Find expense spend outliers within departments and teams so you can see who spends more compared to their peers
See "high risk" alerts in real time

Detect Opportunistic Spend

Identify where expense spend misconduct and bad behavior is occurring most frequently across your organization. Whether it’s from employee travel upgrades or alcohol violations, we give you the insights needed to distinguish opportunistic spend from fraudulent behavior.

  • Understand where unauthorized spend is occurring across expense and audit categories so you know where to start taking action
  • Identify employees with track records of opportunisitic expense behavior and monitor if they're improving over time
We are projecting about $200,000 in savings… but that’s just in the first 6 weeks of going live.
Melanie Gallagher, Global Compliance Manager, Intuit
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Who We Integrate With

AppZen seamlessly integrates with all major back office systems. Our AI audit engine can be up and running quickly and doesn’t require changes to your existing processes.
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