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Advance Booking Check

Monitor advanced travel booking policies

Gift Form Check

Confirm the presence of gift approval documents for gift policy compliance

Tax Detection

Detect expense receipts containing taxes

Hotel Billing Check

Ensure hotels bill to the correct corporate entity for recovery of VAT and fraud reduction

Rental Car Accessories

Identify car rental charges for unauthorized accessories

Alcohol Check for Grants

Identify alcohol expenses tied to grant funding that forbids alcohol

Allowable Alcohol Check

Audit meal expenses for percentage spent on alcohol

Attendee Type Check

Flag excessive meal or entertainment expenses for specific categories of business guests

Expense Sub-Type Check

Verify amounts by sub-expense types

Missing Document Detection

Confirm the presence of missing documents, such as sign-in sheets

Fapiao Validation

Confirm the presence of key fapiao fields and adherance to the standard fapiao format

Keyword Audit

Check for high-risk keywords in expenses or receipt attachments