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The world’s 4th most valuable public company, Amazon has offices in 30+ countries around the world. Amazon employs more half a million people in the US.
The largest cable provider in the US, Comcast today own NBCUniversal, DreamWorks Animation, The Golf Channel, The Philadelphia Flyers and other entities.
As of spring 2018, Salesforce is one of America’s most most-valued cloud computing companies with a $90+ billion market cap. It’s headquartered in San Francisco.
The San Francisco-based bank and brokerage firm with 17,000 employees has almost 11 million active accounts managing more than $3 trillion in assets.

Charles Schwab
The Europe-based multinational corporation designs and builds aircraft both for military and civilian use. Airbus employs 130,000+ people around the world.
The Japan-based conglomerate makes everything from software to tanks. In 2017, Hitachi earned almost $10 trillion in revenue and employed 300,00 people.
Based in Switzerland, Novartis is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, employing more than 125,000 people around the world.

Launched in 1927, CBS and its iconic logo are now in hundreds of millions of home worldwide while employing more than 16,000 people full time.
Based in Minnesota and home to more than 2500 employees worldwide, Mortenson Construction is one of the largest private companies in the US.
The American software giant specializes in business and financial products. In 2017, it earned $5 billion in revenue and employed 8,000 people around the world.
The global food processing and commodities corporation is based in Chicago and home to 32,000+ employees worldwide.
The US-based medical supply company was founded in 1927. Today, it earns $8 billion in annual revenue and employs 18,500 people in 25 different countries.
Zimmer Biomet
The 44,000-employee global research firm based in NYC has been at vanguard of data for decades, setting the gold standard in television ratings.

The US-based company specializes in the production of solar panels. Headquartered in Arizona, the company is 20 years old and employs 6,500 people.
The world’s second-highest grossing law firm, Latham employees more than 2200 lawyers across the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Latham & Watkins
This U.S. corporation develops robotic products designed to improve clinical outcomes through minimally invasive surgeries. It employs 4,000 people.
Intuitive Surgical
The US-based multinational company in the health information and clinical research spaces brings in $7 billion annually and has 50,000 employees worldwide.
The US-based software company provides Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark-based software and services. It’s 10 years old and employs 1600 people.
The semiconductor foundry is based in California. It’s 9 years old with 18,000 employees producing integrated circuits in 4 countries around the world.
Global Foundries
WeWork occupies more Manhattan real estate than any other company; it’s also spreading its wings worldwide – now employing more 6,000 people around the globe.
We did the math and said ‘If we audit 100% of our expense reports manually – how long and how many people would it take?' We calculated 40 people full time, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. After AppZen, we have only 1 auditor and it’s not even her full-time job. 
Melanie Gallagher, Global Compliance Manager, Intuit
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