AppZen uses artificial intelligence to audit 100% of your T&E expenses — and cross-checks every line item with hundreds of data sources in seconds.

how it works

AppZen ingests expense reports, finds red flags with AI, and ultimately helps clients rediscover up to 5% of their T&E spend while finding 10x more issues than manual reviews.
Straightforward integration

No need to change your expense reporting software; simply record expenses in your current system. AppZen’s automated audit seamlessly integrates with all major ERPs and expense software like Concur, Chrome River, and Coupa Expenses.

Artificial intelligence-powered audit

AppZen uses artificial intelligence to understand and audit expense reports, receipts, and travel documents. With AppZen, your expense auditing instantly becomes 10 times more effective, with 90% improved efficiency.

Real-time audit monitoring

Expense reports are given risk scores, with “high risk” reports marked on your dashboard with alerts sent in real time. This helps your finance team focus on the problematic ~5%, while feeling confident that 100% of the reports are validated.

our customers

AmazonSalesforceOrangeZimmer BiometIQVIA
CitiAirbusIntuitFirst SolarGlobal Foundries
ComcastHitachiDHLIntuitive SurgicalCloudera
AppZen’s ability to alert us to high-risk expense items is very impressive. I expect to have most of our auditing handled through their automation, allowing us to use our internal resources more efficiently.
Denise Adleman, Director & Global Process Owner of T&E at Hitachi Data Systems
Ensuring compliance is critical for our success as a global business. AppZen’s AI-powered expense auditing has been easy to use and helped us manage external and internal compliance matters.
Melanie Gallagher, Global Compliance Manager, Intuit

our partners

AppZen’s real-time expense report Audit seamlessly integrates with your existing expense reporting tools. Our AI audit engine can be up and running quickly and doesn’t require changes to your existing expense reporting tools.
We are projecting about $200,000 in savings… but that’s just in the first 6 weeks of going live. 
Melanie Gallagher, Global Compliance Manager, Intuit
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