Could your employees’ spend be violating Anti-Bribery and Corruption Laws without your knowledge?

Last year the SEC issued over $114 million in fines to companies who were noncompliant. Make sure your company isn’t one of them.

This paper analyzes the data from more than $300 million of annual spend from 7 different companies to assess how prevalent compliance issues are, and what the most problematic areas of employee spend are.

When reading this paper, you will also learn:

    • Which expense categories most susceptible to fraud and compliance issues with the FPCA and other regulations
    • What types of purchases are most common for key violations and how to spot them
    • The most common problems CFOs have with employee expense policies and how to resolve them
    • The greatest red flags for major SEC violations, as well as other fraudulent or inappropriate expenses
    • Actionable steps that CFOs can take in order to ensure compliance with the FCPA and ABC laws

…and more


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